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hosted mail exchange

  1. Hello. I am using GF to send email notifications to email recipients whose addresses reside on a cloud based mail exchange server.

    my question is - are you aware of any issues with the way GF sends email and possible conflicts with strong anti-spam filters on cloud based web servers?


    Posted 9 years ago on Thursday October 11, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Every email notification issue is different and there could certainly be trouble with email delivery on an Exchange server. Can you explain what is happening in your case and what you have tried already to resolve the problem?

    In a lot of cases, the email notifications sent by Gravity Forms look like spam because we can set the from email and from name to values which are not congruent with the server the mail was sent from (i.e. I can submit a form on your site with Chris Hajer and chrishajer @ and the notification will appear to come from me, but it is mailed from - that looks like spam to a lot of mail servers. Gmail for example puts up a warning:

    This message may not have been sent by: chrishajer @ Learn more Report phishing

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  3. sure. what is happening is that the form does not submit to the client at all. I am listed as a recipient as well, but I am using hosted email via hostgator.

    the forms in question are for an attorney group, and I have learned they they are running cloud based mail exchange server 2010.

    the IT dept has whitelisted the from domain, but as you indicate in your message, there could be several conflicts. at this point, i am wondering if we shouldn't whitelist the site's actual IP address instead of a domain to try and eliminate the issue?

    any thoughts are appreciated.

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  4. I would see what is causing the messages to be dropped or flagged as spam. I would probably whitelist the IP address, since the email can come from any domain. You need to allow any mail sent from that machine through. Or, use an authenticated SMTP server, which should be more reliable as well.

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  5. I'm having the issue with gmail you list above. Weirdly, it happens with some addresses but not others. Do you have any ideas why this would happen? Thanks, Erik

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  6. That is not an issue with gmail, it's just how they let the recipient know that the email address may have been spoofed. If you follow the "Learn More" link, it explains their rationale:

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