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How to implement jQuery code for certain custom calculations?

  1. mcwan


    (first: this is NO question for asking custom code customization)

    I have searched hours today for simple examples how to use certain advanced features on the forum, but no luck.

    What i need is a simple step by step example of the following, for me it is important how to implement jQuery code since i will have to program some complex calculations. I am still figuring out the jQeury part, but that is not mine problem here for this question.

    I know you guys don't do code customization and i understand that, but how to implement the custom code that is what i am expecting to get support for. Ok that was the background.

    What i want is the following.

    A user has to put in a value, then this value must be validated against a certain number range, once it has been validated, then it will be assigned a percentage which will popup in another field. After that i must use that percentage to apply it to another value which is also a user input. That is the case.

    Now i understand that putting above validation/check coding in jQuery might not be as simple as it states. So i don't expect you guys translate that for me in jQuery code, but if you can and it is simple, i would be glad if you could do that also for me.

    For explaining this to me you can use your own general code example, even a "hello world" would be ok. The point is, i need to know where/how to add the jQuery code in the form process so that it will respond on the user input field so that i can implement this later once i have programmed mine calculations.

    Hope you can help me, since i am stuck right know and need to finish mine project.


    Posted 7 years ago on Wednesday November 28, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Up, I would also be really interested by the answer.

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