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How to show a "visibility: admin only" field in the New Submission email?

  1. sascha

    Hi there,
    I just realized that a field which is set to visibility "admin only", does not show in the "New Submission" email to myself. I am populating the data for that field with a content template, so there should be data in that field (and it shows in the post in WP). Is there a way to show that data for the hidden field in the email?

    I guess it depends when the content template is generated? Is there any documentation what happens exactly when a content template is created? Where would I look in the code? Could I use a hook/filter?

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday December 1, 2011 | Permalink
  2. If you are populating the data using a content template it's not going to display as the value of that field in the entries. The content template is post creation specific functionality and is only used for post creation purposes. It is only executed when the post itself is created.

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday December 1, 2011 | Permalink
  3. sascha

    Thanks Carl,
    could there be a workaround? When is the post created? Before the entry or after? When is the email send? Before the post is created or after? When exactly does the content template fire?

    Could I for instance copy the whole content template functionality into my function.php file and use a filter/hook to update that entry field (or even in the DB) before the email is send? Or just send another email and disable the original email functionality?

    P.S: How do I find out in which way GF works (like a flow diagramm or something)? When does it send the email, create the post, save the entry in DB, etc...

    Posted 10 years ago on Saturday December 3, 2011 | Permalink