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I bought a form I can't use

  1. Donald

    Over a year ago I hired a developer to build me a form. I know nothing about forms and that's why I hired a developer. It worked great. This was over a year ago. I had an email problem and therefore didn't get the reminder to renew. Me and this developer lost contact and I needed this form updated.

    I knew very little about gravity forms (still don't) but I was learning. I later learned that it expired. I didn't think much of it and so I purchased another form. I then learned that this form does not have the advanced add ons. I learned that I should have purchased the renew instead. (it was 100) then. I didn't know that I could upgrade the 40 that I spent.

    I contacted my developer (he doesn't do that work anymore) and he sent me the key for the old form. I paid him 40 for this. I then find out that this needs to be renewed Please bear with me because I don't know much about gravity forms or how registration works To make a long story short ! have now spent 80 and still don't have a form I can use.

    I then tried to renew the license for 100. It's now 200

    It took me a while to learn about gravity forms and I'm still learning. Hence I was asking someone to sell me a form. I didn't know I was doing anything doggy or trying to rip off gravity forms. I didn't know it was morally wrong until today.

    Will you still allow me to update my form for $100? I know it's my fault for being slow at learning. I know that I should pay 200. If you do this I won't even try to use my 40 form to upgrade to offset the cost

    Can I renew for 100?

    I wouldn't have a problem bying a developer license but then I will have spent $280 instead of 200

    Posted 7 years ago on Wednesday July 11, 2012 | Permalink