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I don't understand how this Form Works! Help with total function

  1. dickitt


    I have bought this version of gravity forms and thought in here would get all the information necesary to configure this form. The problem is i don't understand how this works from your documentation. It doesn't say anywhere how to implement a total with explanation or how to add a product with options and how to link the fields together. I don't UNDERSTAND how to link all this together so that the total works and also, i don't know how to add options to products. Please refer me where in your documentations is explained how all these are done and if it's possible a form in xml that i can import and study that actually has a product with options and shipping and that actually works with the total.

    Thank you very much for your response!

    Have a great day

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  2. The Total doesn't need to be linked to anything. You simply add it to your form. It automatically totals up any product, option, and shipping fields that have a quantity of 1 or more.

    Using them is just like using any other field in the form editor. If you want to create an order form then it's going to consist of:

    - Product(s)
    - Option(s)
    - Shipping option (if necessary)
    - Total

    So you'd add a Product Field to your form, edit it and configure it's options based on your needs.

    If that product has options you would then add an Option Field to your form, edit it and configure it's options based on your needs. You can add multiple Option Fields.

    If the user selects the Product and Options then the price will automatically be calculated in the Total.

    A couple things to note...

    - If your form has ONE Product Field then any Option Fields you add are automatically tied to that Product Field because it knows there is only one.

    - If your form has MULTIPLE Product Fields then a new option appears on each Option Field to select which Product Field it is associated with.

    So if you have a T-Shirt that has 4 Sizes you would...

    - Add a Product Field to your form, edit it and configure it's options such as the field type, price, etc. If it's a Single Product field type then the Field Label acts as the Product Name. If it's a drop down or radio button field type then the drop down/radio button choices you configure act as the name and the user picks from the choices. So in this example i'll use Single Product and give it a Field Label of "My Cool T-Shirt"

    -- Add an Option Field to your form, edit it and select Drop Down from the field type option. Then in the choices add each size and it's price.

    - Add a Total Field.

    - Save your form.

    Now if you preview the form if the user adds a quantity in the Product Field, it will be reflected in Total. If you configured the Options to impact the price (+$1.00 or -$1.00 for example) then as they select options it too will impact the Product price which impacts the Total.

    The Shipping Field works similar to the Product Field only it doesn't work with Option Fields. The Shipping Field price is then added to the total.

    The Quantity Field is optional and only if you want a separate Quantity field. Since the drop down and radio button Product Field type doesn't display a Quantity that is when you may want to use the Quantity Field. Or if you want to restrict the Quantity to certain selections you can use a separate Quantity field to do so. T

    he Quantity field ties to a specific Product Field the same way Option Fields do: if multiple Product Fields exist then an additional option appears in the Quantity Field settings to select which Product Field it goes with. If only one Product Field exists, then it's assumed.

    The best thing to do is just create a test form and play around with it. That is the best way to learn what the various options and features do.

    I created a quick sample form, you can download it here:

    Download that XML file then go to your site and go to Import/Export and choose Import Form. Then upload that XML file. It will create a form called "Gravity Forms T-Shirt Order Form". You can take a look and see how it works.

    The available options for each field can be found in the documentation here:

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  3. I'm not sure why you have posted two different requests for the same thing. I have also replied to your other. You can see the response here:

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  4. dickitt

    Dear Clar,

    thank you very much for your reply. i now understand what the problem was. I was just previewing the form and in the preview the total didn't update. it drove me crazy but finally i posted the form in a page and it worked. thank you again !

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