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Image upload via file upload -or- URL

  1. I'm creating a form that allows my users to upload a file destined for a post custom field. They can send me the file via a file upload field or via URL. The file uploader works great: I end up with a GF entry that has the little image icon thingy and I get the file's URL in my post custom field. Nice.

    My question comes during the URL upload process. I'm able to use gform_pre_render and cURL to grab a file from any URL and save it wherever I want. But what I really want to do is hook into GF's upload process. I see that during a normal file upload, GF creates a temp file and saves it in a temp directory. Once the form is submitted, the file is copied from the temp directory into its final destination; the post's custom field is set accordingly; and the GF entry has that cute icon.

    My question: If I can grab the file from a URL during gform_pre_render, can I somehow hook into the GF process for saving the file and doing all the other stuff that GF normally does during a file upload?

    Hope this is clear....


    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday September 6, 2012 | Permalink