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Import Old Gravity Forms/Settings Entries into New SQL Database

  1. TomJ

    I had to rush to backup and move somebody's WP site, and was able to backup/export everything BUT all Gravity Forms and Entries. I have the complete SQL database backed up (containing all relevant Gravity forms info/entries) but my SQL chops are not good - I've tried to do a complete drop/import of all old settings but that has made things worse - is there anyway:

    1. To import all GF entries/values via mySQL in a targeted fashion? I would need some detatiled info on that...

    2. To send all current SQL entry values to someone at Rocket Genius and they can then recreate an XML backup file that I could use to restore all forms/settings on the new site?

    THIS IS MISSION-CRITICAL for this particular site in the immediate future, and we're happy to do whatever it takes to get things going as soon as we can.



    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday February 28, 2012 | Permalink