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initialization code calendar.png conflict

  1. I seem to have the same issue regarding my initialization code for the datepicker ui. I call it in my footer.php file. Right now and I can see that the specified options I set (within the initial file), but for some reason calendar.png does not load.

    The file works, but there is a conflict with the image- I get the alternate text instead ("...").

    I have copied the path of the image set by my source and pasted it into a new browser window and the calendar.png loads, so I know that is not the problem. I don't see how initializing the ui overwrites and conflicts with the original ui code specified in the head/footer.

    I wish I had this issue online, but this problem is on a local environment.

    Here is a screenshot with the initial not loaded properly. --->

    Notice the calendar image loaded to the right of the field? Now this photo shows the opposite, why isn't the image loading?

    I have used a number of options to solve this solution. I have tried overwriting the css property of the overflow --->

    Moving my initial call from the header to now the footer (right before the end body tag). Here is the javascript file that calls curtain conditions I set for datepicker. ---> This has been evolved since the first time I got
    it to work, this is what it looks like --->

    This is a default twentytwelve WordPress site I have been testing on. To ensure that all the custom files created never get lost I put them all into a twentytwelve-child folder so nothing gets over written. is imputed into the -child directory, along with everything else. Again I apologize this is on a local machine, maybe I can give a link for the .zip import of the WordPress setup I have?

    It is frustrating that I have to discuss all this technical stuff I have been working on all day.... I appreciate all the help :)

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  2. I solved my problem - thank you! This helped me solve the issue by writing it out.

    First off it turns out that I was assigning datepicker options (shown here ---> with colons instead of = signs- see this for more info --->

    The calendar image still did not show, so I rearranged the code and ended up specifying the default datepicker settings within my code, see

    Use this code to specify defaults
    $.datepicker.setDefaults({showOn: 'both', buttonImage: 'images/graphics/calendar.png', buttonImageOnly: true});


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  3. Richard Vav

    I am glad you were able to resolve your issue and thanks for sharing your solution.


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