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Insert Form Modal Windows

  1. I just installed the plugin and created a form. The form appears properly in the Preview window. I create a new page, name it, and I click on the Add Gravity Form icon. The insert modal window where I am able to select the form I created never appears. I have tried in 2 different browsers so far...once in Firefox 15 and once in Google Chrome.

    I have also tried just adding the shortcode [gravityform id=1 title="false" description="false"] but it doesn't show any form when I go to that page. I have also tried using the shortcode [gravityform id=1] but still no luck.

    I am using the TwentyTen theme as it comes from within wordpress.

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  2. Have you tested for plugin conflicts to see if something is interfering?

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  3. I don't have any other plugins installed at this time. Default wordpress install...using twentyten theme and gravityforms plugin.

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  4. Do you have a link to a page where this form should be?

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  5. David Peralty

    Can you try re-installing via FTP the latest version of Gravity Forms and if you are potentially running an older WordPress, can you up date it as well. Can you also give us a link to your site, specifically a page where you tried to embed a form?

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  6. I am running WP 3.4.2 (the latest). I have already tried installing the zip through the dashboard, extracting it and uploading via filezilla, ssh and going through Webmin. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a domain name because its a secure server that's locked down...HIPAA compliant.

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  7. If you cannot share the URL with us, you will have to check for jQuery or JavaScript errors yourself. I use the Web Developer extension with Firefox. There is a "JavaScript errors" functionality. If you use that, you will likely find the JavaScript error which is causing your form not to show up.

    As Rob suggested earlier, the first step is to test for theme and plugin conflicts by following these instructions - what was your result of those tests?

    Also, if you try a simpler form with no conditional logic, you might find that the form displays fine. That is because JavaScript and jQuery errors will prevent forms which utilize jQuery for the conditional logic from showing at all. Removing that functionality from the form will help you pinpoint if this is a problem with jQuery or JavaScript. I think you will find that it is. Normally we would do this for you, but being locked down as yours is, we're not able to help much, other than provide troubleshooting steps.

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  8. I don't have any other plugins installed. I installed wordpress 3.4.2 and activated the twenty ten theme. I installed gravity forms. I set the shortcode of [gravitform id=1] and it doesn't work. Not quite sure why I keep getting asked to go the troubleshooting link for the plugins and themes page.

    Also...nothing at all shows up on the page. It's almost as if the shortcode isn't working. I too have Web Developer 1.2.2 from Chris Pederick installed in Firefox but the only errors that show up on my page are from his add-on...for example see below:

    Timestamp: 10/03/2012 09:34:19 PM
    Error: The character encoding of the plain text document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the file needs to be declared in the transfer protocol or file needs to use a byte order mark as an encoding signature.
    Source File:
    Line: 0

    I get 3 green checks across the toolbar that says no css errors and no javascript errors using the web developer toolbar.

    One last thing...I installed another form manager called Wordpress Form Manager and it works fine without any problems. I am deactivating the plugin and deleting it via FTP after I finish this post.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  9. If you view the source of the page where the form should be, do you see the output from the Gravity Forms plugin? You can search for "gform_wrapper" and you should find the output from the plugin. If the plugin output is there, it's been hidden by JavaScript, and not revealed due to a JavaScript or jQuery error. You can test this theory by creating a simpler form, one without conditional logic, and see if that will display.

    The fact that the modal does not work to insert the form into the post and the form also does not display on the front end both point to JavaScript errors or jQuery errors. If you are not seeing them in the Web Developer toolbar (sounds like everything looks good there) then it is possible that your theme is loading jQuery multiple times, multiple versions, or that the scripts have been minified by a plugin like WP Minify, jQuery is being loaded in the footer of the theme, or the scripts are not being loaded at all because the theme is missing a call to wp_head() or wp_footer().

    Normally, we would be able to check all these things for you and let you know what we find, but without being able to see your form, we are limited in the support we can provide. However, with this additional information, maybe you will be able to fine the problem which causes your Gravity Form not to display?

    You could also post the source of the rendered page, the page where the form should be, at something like or We can look through the source and see what problems exist, if any.

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  10. You keep referring to other plugins possibly causing issues. I have NO other plugins installed other than Gravity Forms. I haven't even activated Akismet that comes built in WP. Here is the source code. There are no signs of Gravity Forms anywhere on this page that has the shortcode on it. In regards to the contains 8 single line text conditions. I just moved the text boxes from the left side to the right side and named each one. That's it. Nothing special about the form I have built.

    Edit: I removed the Posted On code from the functions.php and loop files and now the Insert Form Modal Windows came up and I was able to select my form from the drop down and 3 options were given in which I only selected Show Title...Description and Ajax are unchecked. I visited the page after I selected the form and saved, but no luck. The page is still as it was minus the Posted on date by author info is now gone as I wanted.

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  11. Sounds like you have made progress in the admin area anyway: you're able to insert the form using the modal dialog. That's a good sign.

    Can you post a screenshot of the post editor screen with the gravityforms shortcode inserted into the post body? It's very strange that neither the form nor the shortcode show in the source you pasted at If it were in the source, I would say it was a JavaScript or jQuery error. But it's not in the source. If the theme were not processing the shortcode, at least the shortcode would be displayed in the page, but I don't see that in the source either.

    Can you try saving and then visiting the page again, and after saving, post a screenshot of the post editor. Use the HTML tab if possible so we can see all the code which makes up the post body. Thank you. We're trying to help as much as we can without seeing your actual form, so we will need your help to check the things we cannot see.

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  12. This is the image of the shortcode and the page being saved at the time of creating the screenshot. This is also the view of the html coding...not the visual view.

    Screenshot at

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  13. David Peralty

    Can we also get a quick screen of your Gravity Forms -> Forms page and your Gravity Forms -> Settings page? The shortcode looks good from here, and you aren't in WYSIWYG editor mode, and with everything else you've listed, it is hard to figure out what the source of your issue could be. Hopefully, a few more images will help us get closer to the solution.

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  14. Here are 2 of the form and one of the form settings. As you can see...its a basic form. Nothing special about it. The only thing you will see is plugin I installed WP Optimize which just deletes post drafts and optimizes the tables. It doesn't do anything front-end.

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  15. David Peralty

    So from our perspective, here's the issue...

    We can't see your installation, so we can't know what is going on. We can't replicate your issue because on a standard installation of WordPress, Gravity Forms works fine. We need to figure out what makes your installation special, and your response thus far is that nothing makes your install special/different.

    If you could give us something to go on that might lead us down the right path in helping you solve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Can you create another form that just has a single input field and try to embed it into a page and see if the gform code shows up in the view source of that page? Can you preview your forms, do they exist and work in preview mode?

    Can you screen shot Gravity Forms -> Settings (not form settings) so I can take a look at what you have set in there (No Conflict Mode, HTML5?)

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  16. I created a new form and left all the defaults. I even left it as Unnamed and added one single text field to it. Same results. I changed the shortcode to id=2 but no form shows up.

    If I had something else to give you I would. It's 3.4.2 installed...then gravity forms installed and activated. That's it. If I had more to go on, I wouldn't be on this forum asking questions.

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  17. David Peralty

    What about Form preview? Anything there?

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  18. David Peralty

    I also want to make sure you understand, we aren't blaming you... but we are confused on our end because we have thousands of people every day installing Gravity Forms without issue... Usually, the errors people see aren't the same as what you are receiving, and so without access, it is very hard for us to narrow it down.

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  19. I know there is no one blaming me. I am not new to Wordpress...I use it everyday and have a highly customized version of it installed on our work servers. We have 11,000 people who access the portal that we built using Wordpress. I am not trying to sound apologies if I sound as so. I just didn't think people understood my setup. In regards to the form preview it shows up fine. I am enclosing a screenshot of that as well.

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  20. David Peralty

    So when you say you have a highly customized version on your servers, what do you mean? The fact that it shows up in the preview is a good sign. So maybe something is stripping out the gravity forms shortcode...

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  21. Different server. This site is being hosted on a hosting company for a client. Our company server is completely different than this wordpress install. We have customized wordpress extensively for our usage for our portal on our company servers...not the client. Unrelated to the task at hand. I was just stating that we have an extensive knowledge of wordpress but cannot figure out why this plugin isn't working.

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  22. David Peralty

    Can you pastie the view source of the preview page? It might help us pinpoint the issue. Can you also submit an entry through the preview to see if it works?

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  23. I have entered data into the preview screen and it successfully wrote to the database. I can view the entry under Forms>>Entries. Below is the preview page coding

    I have created a page to view the entries just yet so I haven't checked that. But it definitely writes the entries in.

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  24. David Peralty

    Okay, on the page you are inserting the shortcode on, can you put some text above and below the shortcode, just to confirm that other things are working correctly?

    So something like:

    This information *should* appear
    [gravityforms id='1']
    And so should this...

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  25. I tried that already and no it doesn't work. The plugin did work just now when I pasted the shortcode [gravityform id="1"] to a post versus a page. Wonder why that is happening. The other form plugins I have tried worked on pages when I was testing.

    Fortunately since its a restricted site...I can eliminate using a page and just use this on a post. There is no homepage so I will just let this be the homepage once the users login. This is strictly being used as a webapp.

    The main question I have is how do I get it to display the results in a tabular format (excel sheet like) onto a page so that the end user can view the listings?

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  26. David Peralty

    So when you wrap text around the shortcode, does the text show and the shortcode get stripped out? It doesn't make any sense to me that it would work on a post instead of a page.

    Lastly, displaying the information is by default a back-end only thing. If you want to display it front-end, you will either have to develop something yourself, or use something like the Directory Add-on developed by a third party.

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday October 4, 2012 | Permalink
  27. I know it doesn't make sense but that's what happens. At least the post feature works. For my application, this will suit me. The only bad thing is that I was expecting more out of the plugin. My stupidity for not reading into it further. I was looking for a fast solution. Guess I will develop a table like layout to pull the data.


    Edit: I wonder if I can sell this plugin to someone who might get some use out of it. I haven't even typed in the license for support number. I really don't see this plugin any better than Wordpress Form Manager, Ninja Forms, or some others I have used. The difference is that with Wordpress Form Manager, you can send the results out to a front end and style is as you need. Friend of mine told me that Gravity Forms was the next best thing to sliced bread...I beg to differ by a long shot.

    If you know of any way of reselling this plugin...let me know...otherwise, I can just delete it and just call the $39 bucks spent a loss. Thanks for all the persistent help though.

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  28. Before you go about bad mouthing and discounting Gravity Forms you need to completely understand the situation at hand.

    The issues you are encountering are not issues that users typically encounter. There isn't a problem with Gravity Forms. It's a problem with your site.

    There is something on your site that are causing the issues that you are describing. Typically it's a plugin or theme conflict caused by a poorly developed theme or plugin that prevents Gravity Forms from functioning properly. In some rare situations you can encounter issues caused by obscure server settings.

    Because this is a site specific issue and not a problem we can replicate locally the only real way for us to see what is going on is to access the site where the issue you are reporting is occurring. In order to do so we would need access to that site and step by step instructions on how to replicate the issue so we could take a look at it firsthand.

    If you'd like us to do so, we'd be glad to.

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  29. I am not bad mouthing gravity forms. I was stating its definitely doesn't deserve the bragging as my friend stated. Not in my opinion. I am stating it doesn't do what I need it to do. I should have read more into it before I purchased it. Wordpress Form Manager as well as others give a front end view of the results. I have the site working using the plugin via the post...however, for this application, I have decided to scratch using wordpress completely. I am using Symfony2 for this application as it will be a much better suited platform to go with for what I need to develop.

    Take note that I did state to the ones on here thanking them for their persistent help. That wasn't sarcasm...that was sincere. Not every plugin or platform suits everyone or every application the same. For me...Gravity Forms doesn't cut it. It definitely does its job of inserting data into the tables via forms...but inability to show results front end should be a feature worth looking at.

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