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Internet Explorer Issue: One form shows, One doesn't.

  1. I currently have two Gravity forms running on my Wordpress site, however, one of the two will not load in Internet Explorer. Both work flawlessly in Chrome and Firefox.

    Unfortunately the majority of our customers are still stuck using IE 7, 8, or 9, which makes this a very serious issue.

    Do you have any input as to what may be causing this issue?


    Not Working:

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday December 3, 2012 | Permalink
  2. You are using a Themeforest theme. Themeforest themes frequently include the [raw] shortcode which modifies the way WordPress processes shortcodes. In your case, it's modifying the [gravityforms] shortcode output and adding a bunch of extra markup, extra < p > and < br /> tags inside the gform_wrapper. (view the source to see what I mean.)

    Please see these topics for resolutions to your problem:
    (quick fix: wrap the [gravityforms] shortcode in the [raw] shortcode)

    The reason one form works and the other doesn't is that the non-working form has a bunch of conditional logic rules. The working form does not. The extra markup in the gform_wrapper (look near the form footer) will prevent the Gravity Forms jQuery from working properly and showing your form.

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  3. Unfortunately, the quick fix of wrapping the [gravity forms] shortcode in the [raw] shortcodes isn't solving our problem. I've looked through the theme's function.php file for the the source of the raw shortcode, but have been unable to find it. Do you have any other suggestions as to where I might look, or what else the raw function might be called?

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  4. David Peralty

    You will have to contact the theme builder and ask them about what they've done to stop shortcodes from working effectively so that all the forms on your site work as expected. They might not have used the word RAW in their own shortcode, but that's what you need to ask them about.

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  5. On their forums they indicate that they use the [raw] shortcode, and have suggested the [raw] tag method to other users having problems with Gravity Forms. I've not yet seen any explanation for why this tag does not work for me.

    I've brought my problem to their attention and will report what I find out.

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  6. Please let us know. The functionality to reprocess shortcodes is what causes the problem. The function is typically linked to a shortcode called [raw], but it does not have to be. It could be called [noformat] or [unformat] or [dontmesswithmycode].

    In any case, if you test with the Twenty Eleven theme and the problem no longer exists, you know the problem is with your theme. You have to find out from the theme provider how to correct it.

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  7. I found and commented out the [raw] shortcode functionality in my theme's php files, but that does not seem to be what is causing the error.

    When I tested the Twenty Eleven theme, the form page in question still does not appear in Internet Explorer. Please note: this error is specific to Internet Explorer, but I need the form to work in that browser as it is what the majority of our customers use.

    Please help me figure out how to proceed.

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  8. Take a look at this screenshot of the source of your page:

    Note all the red syntax-highlighted text. That invalid HTML is not coming from Gravity Forms. That is being added on your site by something. You need to resolve where that is coming from. It is typically from the inclusion of the [raw] shortcode, however, you have eliminated that as a possibility. If the form is not working with the Twenty Ten theme, it could be a plugin conflict. It could also be from invalid HTML you included in an HTML field in your form.

    If you have not already done so, please check for theme and plugin conflicts by following these instructions

    If you're unable to resolve the issue on your server, please export the form and email it to and I will install it and see how it behaves in IE on my installation.

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  9. After going through the full troubleshooting steps, it does in fact appear as though the error is being caused by my theme. My apologies, I do not know what caused the form to appear broken when I tested it on Twenty Eleven last week.

    I'll continue searching for an answer in my theme's files and report my findings.

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  10. John, I sent you an email.

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  11. Thanks again guys for all your help. I wrote this in an email to Chris, but I'll post it here in case any future users encounter the same problem.

    Markup was being added by my theme (Striking, for the record), and that can be resolved by using the [raw] shortcode mentioned above. However, this wasn't causing the problem I was experiencing.

    My issue with display in IE is being caused by a conflict with a page template. I was attempting to use the ThickBox plugin to display this form in a lightbox window. With ThickBox, you can set a page's template as ThickBox Content so that when it appears in the lightbox it is stripped of the site's header/menu/etc. When I change the page that doesn't display to a default page template it works as normal in IE.

    This problem wasn't exposed in the Theme/Plugin Conflict Troubleshooting Steps because deactivating the ThickBox plugin does not change pages that have the template selected.

    Does anyone have any ideas for getting Gravity Forms to work in a lightbox/modal dialogue window? If you check out this page and click any "Build" button you will see the functionality I am working towards (just don't try to check it out in IE ; ) ).

    Thanks again!

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  12. David Peralty

    Glad you got that whole mess resolved. Seems like many different things were coming into play and you deserve huge kudos for figuring it out, but it shouldn't have been that hard...

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday December 12, 2012 | Permalink

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