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Is Gravity form secure- How to make it very secure for no tampering

  1. HI

    Ive noticed that some of my requests are not coming through. It seems there have been some security issues.

    My question is, how do I make the form secure and hack free?

    Is that possible? Can someone change tthe codes within Gravity forms?

    Please let me know


    Posted 10 years ago on Monday April 22, 2013 | Permalink
  2. David Peralty

    What do you mean by secure? What are you hoping to accomplish? More information would definitely be needed. You can use a plugin to force HTTPS if you have a SSL you can use. You can make fields required, add custom validation on fields, make it so no duplicates are allowed on fields. There are things you can do to reduce the opportunity for people to mess around with things, but you would need to determine what efforts are worth pursuing.

    Posted 10 years ago on Monday April 22, 2013 | Permalink