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Key Features needed ) Edit Post - Form Comment - Conditional Post

  1. jbdurand

    Dear Gravity Geniuses,

    I need your help to finish an important project.
    A few Key features are missing, and I really don't want to follow the bad path of trying to customize (using hooks and filters) a few weeks/months before a new feature is introduced in a new release. I prefer to postpone the launch until the features are included in the Gravity Plugin.


    I really need to give my users the ability to edit their posts (generated by gravity) by simply opening and resubmitting forms that include the modifications of the previous data fields.

    It has been already discussed in the forum here :
    "it is one of the major features we will be adding in v1.7." (Carl Hanckock July 21 2011)

    In fact I am using Gravity Forms to generate posts with a lot of fields (sometime with madlib forms) and I firmly believe that gravity can become a great content production platform when the editing of post forms will be possible.
    In my project I don't need an editorial circuit. The author of the post (and the administrator) can modify the entries in the front end and that's it.
    The form with the modified data when sent will generate a new post that will replace the previous one.

    Here I need to know when this feature could be available (1.7) for my implementation. Before the end of the year would be OK for me. Let me know if I can get a beta when available.


    How to generate a comment using a gravity form?

    it has been already discussed in the forum here :
    "The ability to replace the comment form is a good idea and something we plan on exploring in the future." (Carl Hanckock August 01 2011)
    It is already possible to send html in the comment field in Wordpress and it works fine. You can also edit it. But Gravity doesn't generate comments, Only posts.
    When this could be available?


    I would like to insert images, text or form fields in a generated post under conditions.

    it has been already discussed in the forum here :
    My forms generates posts with some parts that depend on specific fields. Today, when these conditions are not set I have some texts that remains in the post.
    What would be great would be to add shortcodes (begin- end) to specifiy that some part of the post will be shown if a field has a specific values.

    Please let me know what to expect
    Best regards from France!


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  2. 1) Editing of data and posts is a feature we currently have slated for the 1.7 release.

    2) We haven't discussed when we will include comment functionality. But it shouldn't be difficult and I can try and get this worked into the 1.7 release also.

    3) Conditionals on the post content template isn't currently planned for the 1.7 release. We would like to create a more advanced Add-On for this type of functionality because it requires more screen real estate to create a UI that brings more power to this process. There is a 3rd party add-on that does this that hasn't been released yet, I can try and get the developer to look into releasing it.

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  3. jbdurand

    Very very good news!
    1.7 specs or beta could be there in november? october?
    Thanks a lot.
    Sounds great.

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