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License Clarification needed before purchase

  1. Roger Due

    I am building a WP 3.0 site for a client and would like to have form capabilities more sophisticated than "Contact Form 7" provides. It looks like Gravity Forms has the necessary capabilities, but I have a few questions:

    (1) If I purchase either the $99 5-pack or the $199 Developer's unlimited license, can I use these on any mix of my own and any of my clients websites? Or must I purchase a separate license for each client I am working with?

    (2) Can you give some idea about the support cost after the initial year for each of the 3 license purchases? Hopefully I will not be required to purchase a new full-priced license again? Could we expect something like 1/3 the original purchase price?

    (3) If I purchase one license for $39, can I upgrade to either the $99 or $199 license for just the difference? Or is there an additional charge. Depending on how you answer this and the other questions, I might want to start with the $39 license to make sure Gravity Forms works for me before deciding to spend more.

    (4) If I purchase the $39 license and find that Gravity Forms doesn't work for me, is there a refund policy?
    -- Thanks, Roger

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  2. 1) You can use your license key on client sites. Just keep in mind that only you have access to the support site and only you can contact us for support. Your client will not have access to either. So if he is ever no longer your client, he won't be able to receive support without purchasing his own license.

    2) Support and update renewals will be 25-50% off the standard price depending on the license. The more expensive licenses will receive 50% off. Renewals will be done from the support site.

    3) You can upgrade at anytime by only paying the difference. You would contact us and request an upgrade coupon code.

    4) We don't have an official refund policy. We typically only offer refunds under special circumstances (such as users purchasing the plugin by mistake). Refunds are tough with digital goods that once you download you have the product.

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  3. Roger Due

    Thanks for the clarification. I would suggest you make it more clear in your license terms that Gravity Forms can be used on any client sites but the original purchaser is the only one with access to your support, etc. I have become particularly sensitive about this licensing issue after investigating the fine print on a couple other products over the last month. Everything pointed to being able to use the product in ways I wanted until I read the fine print after something didn't add up. It is amazing how many sites are not clear on this issue and try to avoid being explicit.

    As soon as I post this reply I am going to purchase Gravity Forms and give it a try. It looks awesome.

    Amended: I just purchased the Developer License.
    -- Thanks, Rogerr

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