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List Field - Change Way it Exports to CSV

  1. I am using a form in order to collect information about different pupils in a school. The idea is that each "tutor" needs to complete the form for any students that have obtained more than 2 signatures in an achievement card.

    I have chosen to use the list item, as I need to tutor to be able to add additional boxes depending on the number of pupils they need to add, before submitting the form. An example of my form is here:

    This works fine. However when I then export the form to CSV in order to calculate stuff in Excel it produces output in the following format:

    The problem is, is that each pupil is not in their own row of the CSV and therefore calculations are then made difficult. What I need is for the form to output in the following way instead:

    Is there any way to do this? Or am I going about this the wrong way and there is a better way? Would gratefully appreciated any help. Thanks in advance.

    Posted 10 years ago on Monday April 30, 2012 | Permalink
  2. thinkamap

    Hi Mark,
    have exactly the same problem. Any luck resolving this? I tried doing some sql queries but no luck yet. I hope someone have the answer to this issue.
    Good luck!

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday May 15, 2012 | Permalink