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Reset a form on change of Group

  1. Hello, I have a form that is divided into 3 groups.
    I use the same elements across all the groups, but I would like to switch between the groups in such a way that the form is reset for every group.

    It is a Photography pricing form selling portraits:

    [Traditional Portraits]
    [Family Portraits]
    [Creative Portraits]
    Select Print Type   (dropdown)
    ¬ Canvas
    ¬ Poster
    ¬ Block Mount
    SHOW this field if  ALL  of the following match:
    [Select Print Type] is [Canvas]
    Choose your Size   (dropdown)
    ¬ A4 - $10
    ¬ A3 - $20
    ¬ A2 - $30

    I guess I am just trying to find the best way to do this, - at current it works great, but the form will remain prepopulated if I change it and then move to the next form.
    Thank you very much for your advice. you can see the form live here: Then Click Portrait photography.

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday June 7, 2013 | Permalink