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Make a field required or not, depending on a condition?

  1. webfly

    I know with "Enable Conditional Logic" I can remove it from the form, but I don't want it removed, I still want it there, just not required.

    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday March 29, 2012 | Permalink
  2. kyle

    I'm actually searching for this functionality too. I know you can conditionally remove/add a field based on an answer - so you could have two identical fields - one that is required, and one that isn't, and show/hide the field depending on the condition.

    I'm hoping I can find/create a better solution.

    Anyone have a reference to something like this, or a good head start on how to accomplish it using some Javascript and PHP?

    Posted 8 years ago on Tuesday April 3, 2012 | Permalink
  3. kyle

    Okay, I spent a bit of time on this. It could be prettier, but it worked for my needs.

    I had a number of radio button fields, and some followup questions were only required if the initial question was a specific value. So, a sample Initial question would look like this:

    1. Were you happy with the product you received?*

    - Yes
    - No

    and a follow up question such as:

    2. If you said "No", why was that?

    - Poor quality
    - Have another I like better
    - None of your business!

    So, here's how I solved it. Note, I did not have ajax enabled for these forms, so you'd probably need to do some more to get the fields to be valid using ajax. First some javascript:

    and the PHP:

    Hopefully that helps someone out. I've commented both files, but let me know if you need more help. If anyone wants to improve upon either script, that'd be great.

    Posted 8 years ago on Wednesday April 4, 2012 | Permalink