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Make Image inside Radio button clickable

  1. Multi-page questionnaire, where I show two images & ask user to like one.

    From past posts, I was able to figure out that I can show 2 images as options of radio button - using html <img /> inside label of radio button.

    What I want now is make these images clickable . I want to bypass clicking of "Next" or "submit" button. As sson as user clicks on one of the image option, I wan to take user to next set of question.

    (Newbie help: I posted same question in priority support. I got email with partial answer. How do I get back to history of my priority response ? I replied email with followup question but it went un-answered. )

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  2. Nitin,

    I did reply to your last response - and it does look like you or someone else viewed that response: screenshot

    Priority support exchanges are all email based so there isn't a way to view that history other than in your email client.

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  3. 3 separate questions:

    Question 1) During editing Form. As soon as I put <img /> HTML tag inside LABEL property of Radio button, value inside Conditional logic of next field goes blank. How do I use conditional logic based on selection inside Radiobutton in such case ?

    Question 2) If I have series of Radio button on SINGLE PAGE, each Radio with two options - How do I do following:
    In beginning Only "Radio 1" is visible
    As soon as I select any option inside "Radio 1"
    "Radio 1" hides & "Radio 2" becomes visible
    Now when I select some option in "Radio 2" - "Radio 3" shows up, "Radio 2" hides
    (This way at any point of time I want to show only one Radio button which is to be answered by user)

    Question 3) Let say I have "Radio 1" with Enable logic "Hide - if any option is selected inside same radio" . After this I keep a textbox with enable logic "show if any option inside radio 1 was selected". Now when I use this form in preview - I select some option in "Radio 1" & it hides. However Textbox which is suppose to become visible doesnt show up. How do I fix this

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday June 17, 2013 | Permalink
  4. Handling via priority support.

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday June 17, 2013 | Permalink

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