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Maximum amount of conditional data fields?

  1. I may be pushing GV beyond what I should be, but I cant save any more fields.

    I have a form that has hundreds of fields, first I show a drop down that has a list of around 550 choices.

    I have setup the next drop down to be conditional based on the first choice, and in each of those dropdowns there can be anywhere from a few options to hundreds.

    Of course managing the form is getting a bit cumbersome in the admin area but oh well.... problem is I can no longer add more dropdowns.... well I can add them and drag it to where I need it, but when I go to save the form, it wont save any more. If I take away a few datafields I can add a new field again, but I seam to be at a limit. I don't really know how many fields I have total, but my guess is around 300-400

    If there a limit somewhere in the code or database that I can raise??

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday July 1, 2011 | Permalink
  2. The problem is server resources. You are running out of available PHP memory to process the required AJAX request on such a large form. You will need to increase your available PHP memory on your web server.

    Here is a tutorial that discusses how to increase PHP memory:

    So while there is no limitation to the number of fields in Gravity Forms, you are limited by available server resources.

    Also keep in mind the larger your form the less likely the end user is to actually fill it out.

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  3. Thanks Carl, this gives me something to look into. GV is awesome, and I appreciate your reply


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