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Menu Order Form

  1. Hello,

    Firstly this is an incredible plugin. I'm finding more uses for it every day. Let me begin that I am a developer so I understand code and hoping someone can help me figure this out.

    I am trying to setup a online ordering system for a clients restaurant using gravity forms.

    A few things before I begin

    • The menu items are setup as posts in post type caledl menu-food
    • We have a custom taxonomy called menu-food-categories for food categories. This was we can have entrees, sides drinks etc.
    • You can view the menu here and the form at ttp://
    • What we are trying to accomplish is the following.

    • Create a multil select/check box that dynamicly displays the product names and prices, and quantity This was people can add items to their order.
    • My plan was to create one checkbox for each food category that way if someone wants say French fries they look side and look it fries. So it's display the post titles and prices and that they can check that item as checkbox or multi select box and enter a quanity.
    • Is there a possibility of create a floating "cart" (meaning it scrolls with you) of all the items you and the prices and quantity and display the total bellow.
    • How do I handle adding tax and how can I display that tax in the floating "cart", something's like this but floating like thus. or this In fact if you can just tell me how to display the data in a div dynamicly the way that sacue abd cheese doeswith product, price and quantity and remove it that would be assome.
    • Is there any way to have people have modifiers for products like for plates you can add an pita for 59 cents or someone wants some ketchup on their burger.

    To be clear. Idealy I would like for people to be able to see the menu with prices by category and just choose what they want and how many.

    I have spent quite a lot of time trying to figure thus our and I'm hitting a brick wall because I'm not with the GF API.

    I have tried doing things based on these article but it does not go far enough

    Any help would be great fully appreciated.



    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday April 25, 2013 | Permalink