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Missing Form Entries

  1. I'm a long-time GravityForms user and used it to create a job application form on our web site ( We've processed over 50 applications so far and I thought everything was working good but I've now had 2 separate people who told me they filled out the application but we never received their entry. I had them go back and re-fill it out but still no luck. They are seeing the confirmation message on the page that shows they filled it out but they aren't receiving the notification email and we aren't receiving the email either.

    I was previously on version 1.6 and just updated this morning to GravityForms 1.7. I can't imagine that it was a version problem though.

    Can you tell me why we're missing entries from certain people? I'm very concerned that there may be more applications we're missing than just the two that I know about.


    Posted 6 years ago on Friday May 31, 2013 | Permalink
  2. David Peralty

    Can you try filling it out? Do the entries exist but the e-mail notifications aren't firing? Are you using the latest WordPress and Gravity Forms versions? Have you changed any plugins lately?

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  3. Yes, I can fill it out without a problem and so have about 50+ other people. I'm running the latest Wordpress and (as of today) the latest version of Gravity Forms. I can't see the entries even if I look at them within the Gravity Forms interface. It's as if they never filled it out.

    The person who has filled it out twice now said he did so once on Safari 6 and another time on the latest Chrome (both on a Mac). The other person who filled it out but whose application never showed up was on a PC.

    No plugins have been changed recently.

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  4. David Peralty

    Hard to pinpoint an error that isn't happening consistently. You have to find a way to isolate the error so we know what to blame and how to fix it...s

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  5. I can't pinpoint it if I don't even know when I'm losing entries. All I know is that I've had 2 more people so far tell me that they've applied but they never received their notification email and I never saw their application (either via email notification or when I log into to view the entries. What questions do you want me to ask the people who haven't been able to get their application through?

    Is this a problem you've seen before? I've used GravityForms for almost 2 years now and loved it but now my confidence is a little shaken since I have no idea how many people have filled out a Gravity Form on my site in the past but I never saw it!

    How can I narrow down the problem? What do I need to look for?

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  6. David Peralty

    Traditionally, we would get you to go through a plugin and theme conflict check to see if something is interfering, but if you can't test that it has been improved/resolved through this check, it'll be hard to do troubleshooting. I understand that this is frustrating, but I am not sure what we can do to resolve this unless you can find some commonality in how entries are not being submitted.

    Are you using a caching plugin? A minify plugin? A themeforest theme?

    How many successful entries do you get per day? Does it seem to be happening at a certain time of day? Can you contact your host and see if they have any log files that are being generated relating to errors with the database or PHP?

    Are you using the latest WordPress and Gravity Forms versions?

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  7. David Peralty

    Can you check to see if any of the entries are marked as Spam?

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  8. So far we've had close to 100 entries and I know of 5 people for sure right now who have applied using the form but their application never went through. I'm in the process of nailing down specifics from them but so far I haven't been able to identify a common denominator...they're using the latest versions of either Chrome or Safari on Macintosh OS. I have had a couple of them go back and try re-applying but their entries still don't come through.

    I just got off the phone with my hosting provider and we combed through the PHP error logs but didn't see any errors being generated from this form or any other plugins.

    This is not a Themeforrest theme, we custom-coded it. We have processed over 3,000 entries on 35+ forms using GravityForms on this site with no problems (that we know of) so far.

    None of the entries have been marked as SPAM because none of them have showed up. I even had my Hosting Provider check the logs and they see no records whatsoever of the missing entries and they don't show up in the Form Entries section of the Gravity Forms admin.

    Here is a list of all the plugins I currently have installed (all updated to the latest versions):
    All In One SEO Pack
    Audio Player (by Martin Laine)
    Duplicate Post (By Enrico Battocchi)
    Easy FancyBox (By RavanH)
    Executable PHP widget (Version 2.1 | By Otto)
    Facebook Like Thumbnail (Version 0.2 | By Ashfame)
    Flash MP3 Player JW2.3 (Version 10.1.9 | By Charles Tang)
    GC Message Bar (Version 1.2.1 | By GetConversion)
    Google Analyticator (Version | By Video User Manuals Pty Ltd)
    Gravity Forms (Version 1.7.5 | By rocketgenius)
    Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On (Version 2.1 | By rocketgenius)
    Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On (Version 1.7 | By rocketgenius)
    kPicasa Gallery (Version 0.2.9 | By Guillaume Hébert)
    Maintenance Mode (Version 5.4 | By Michael Wöhrer)
    NextGEN Gallery (Version 1.9.12 | By Photocrati)
    Raw HTML (Version 1.4.10 | By Janis Elsts)
    Secure HTML5 Video Player (Version 2.5 | By Lucinda Brown, Jinsoo Kang)
    Sermon Browser (Version 0.45.7 | By Mark Barnes)
    Share On Facebook (Version 1.7 | By David Goldstein)
    Simply Exclude (Version 2.0.6 | By Paul Menard)
    Stray Random Quotes (Version 1.9.9 | By unalignedcoder)
    WordPress Importer (Version 0.6.1 | By wordpressdotorg)
    Wordpress Popular Posts (Version 2.3.5 | By Héctor Cabrera)
    WP-PageNavi (Version 2.83 | By Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan & scribu)
    WP-TopBar (Version 4.17 | By Bob Goetz)
    WP Facebook Like (Version 1.5.1 | By Johnny Chadda)
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (Version 4.0.6 | By mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)

    My hosting provider ( is set up with PHP 5.2.16, MySQL 5.5.31 and I'm running Wordpress 3.5.1

    What else should I check?

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  9. David Peralty

    Can you install the Logging add-on from our Download Gravity Forms page? Then if the person having issues submits again, it should give you some insight into what might be going wrong.

    Another thing to check for is gaps in your entry ID numbers. If they exist then something happened to the entry, and would provide a clue.

    Posted 6 years ago on Tuesday June 4, 2013 | Permalink