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MS ACCESS and multiple tables

  1. I have a client who has forms for user submission. The end target is Access... sort of. They don't need access as a database, but rather for querying and producing reports. The exported CSV adds a few extra steps, and we haven't been able to develop a workflow which allows allows them to simply export new entries, and have them properly import into access, purge for duplicates, etc...

    So I'm in the process of simply allowing Access to connect to the MySQL database tables for the RG_Leads tables. I can get in just fine, and the tables pull down great. But there are 3 of them. Now I need to run a Union query to pull the necessary data from the three different tables and populate a new table with that data.

    Has anyone had experience doing this? Any guidance or suggestions?


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  2. This is outside the support we can offer here in the Gravity Help support forums. Sounds like you are on your way by allowing external connections to your MySQL database from Access. The UNION and SQL support is something we can't help you with. There are many resources online for help with SQL though. Here is one:

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