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Mulitple form CSS issues

  1. Hello,

    So I am not terribly new to the CSS world, but I am having a little bit of difficulty with the forms, and after spending awhile searching the forum, I thought it would be best to submit my own.

    firstly, I found this very helpful link:

    So obviously now I can easily edit the forms in the custom style sheet of my theme. I want to change the background color of my second gravity form, not my first. So I wrote the simple

    '.gform_wrapper {background-color:#cccccc;}'

    which worked, but changed both forms, so according to the link above, I changed it to

    '.gform_wrapper_2 {background-color:#cccccc;}'

    but that did not work. Thinking maybe I had to now call out both to avoid CSS confusion I did

    '.gform_wrapper_1 {background-color:#000000;}
    .gform_wrapper_2 {background-color:#cccccc;}'

    but to no avail.

    Please help. I need to know how to change the background for my form ID 2 without changing for ID 1!


    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday June 6, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Richard Vav


    You're close, when targeting by id instead of class you need to swap the . for #

    #gform_wrapper_2 {


    Posted 8 years ago on Friday June 7, 2013 | Permalink