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Multiple choice form

  1. I would like to re-create a form so that it have a table with multiple answers, ie:

    * Have you ever consulted and medical practitioner for, or so far as you know, ever been treated for:
    Any disorder of eyes, ears, nose or throat, including speech impairment or loss of sight?
    Any disease of the lungs or respiratory tract such as tuberculosis, emphysema, pleurisy, asthma, hay fever, spitting blood, or persistent hoarseness or coughing?
    Any disorder of the heart or blood vessels, e.g., heart attack, angina pectoris, stroke, palpitations, elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest pain, irregular pulse or varicose veins?
    Any disease of the stomach, liver, intestines or rectum, e.g., ulcers, gallbladder disease, bleeding from intestinal tract, colitis, diverticulitis or appendicitis?
    Any disorder of the prostate, bladder, kidneys or genito-urinary tract, e.g., nephritis, sugar, protein or pus in urine, venereal disease, kidney stones or colic?
    Any brain or nervous system disorder, e.g., epilepsy, convulsions, fainting or loss of consciousness, mental illness, constant nervousness or severe headaches?
    Any alcoholism or excessive use of alcohol or any drug habit? Any treatment or hospitalization?
    Any impairment of function, or loss of hand, arm, shoulder, foot, leg or hip, or back disorder?
    Anything else, e.g., cancer, cyst or tumor, blood disorder, hypoglycemia, diabetes, glandular condition, e.g., thyroid, hernia, skin disease or eczema?

    Where you could answer YES or NO to each question.

    Do I have to create a Checkbox Question for each one, or can they be created in a table?


    Posted 11 years ago on Saturday March 19, 2011 | Permalink
  2. You would have to create a checkbox for each one. Tables/Grids are not currently supported in Gravity Forms. We will probably add support for surveys, grids, likert scales, etc. in the future but it's not something you can easily do now.

    Posted 11 years ago on Sunday March 20, 2011 | Permalink
  3. Thank You again!

    Posted 11 years ago on Sunday March 20, 2011 | Permalink

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