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Multiple surveys with a single view

  1. unodewaal

    I'm running a survey site that uses multiple surveys that a user completes over time - e.g. week 1 user registers, week 2 user completes Form1, week 3 user completes Form2.

    I would like know if it's possible to carry data from Form1 in to Form2 so that when I view Form2 all the data from Form1 is visible, or alternatively link up the data in the two forms somehow. The forms have numerous fields, and while I know it's possible to do with URL variables it seems like a major hack - there would be up to 5 extra fields passed through and they are quite lengthy and also have open ended answers.

    I'm currently looking at exporting the survey data to a CRM platform (so each form would add/write data to the user profile), but it seems like an unnecessary use of another system. I can use the users email or username as a consistent variable across the forms.


    Posted 8 years ago on Tuesday May 14, 2013 | Permalink