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Need Advice - Process Flow

  1. Hello-

    I am attempting to build a process with Gravity Forms and have a few questions. The process flow will be used for a photo submission contest.

    Before I get to the exact questions, here are my 3 goals for the process flow:

    1- Login/Register
    2- Users upload photo (jpg, etc.)
    2- Users must provide contact info (Name, Address, Phone, email, etc.)

    The trick is that my users will be logging in multiple times to submit photos.

    Here is the question:

    What recommendations/How would you suggest I build the forms so that my users do not need to re-enter their contact info with each submission?

    My biggest goal is to keep the UI/UX as simple as possible to help encourage conversions/submissions.

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday September 21, 2012 | Permalink
  2. I am collecting the address information from one of my other Gravity Forms (User Registration).

    When I user submits their photo, I am able to have a hidden field that automatically pre-populates with the UserID. But, How do I locate the correct Merge Tag for each of the components of the Address, as each is a separate field in the registration process (Street, City, State, Zip, etc.)?

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  3. Where are you trying to use the merge tags from the address? Normally there is a drop down of all user-submitted data and you just select from there. Can you explain where you are trying to use those pieces of address information? We can better help you find the merge tags at that point.

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  4. I am attempting to use the address data that was collected during the User Registration process to pre-pop the hidden address fields on the photo submission form.

    The address info that was collected had separate fields for Street, City, State, Zip. When I created the photo submission form, I used the same format. Then I went into the advanced tab and under parameter put {user:street_address} etc in the corresponding field.

    One field is working correctly, UserId. There is a dropdown for "default Value" and I selected "Insert Merge Tag". I do not see this option for the other sections of the form such as name and address. When I select the box for "populate dynamically" the default value drop-down is not available.

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  5. Sounds like you are talking about two different forms? If that's the case, there are no merge tags to get data from one form to another form. You have to pass the data from form 1 to form 2 using, most likely in your case, the query string. You can read more about dynamic population here:

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  6. I think I better understand the available option. But, I am not sure how to make my application function the way that I want.

    How do I populate fields on "form #2" with data from a previously submitted "entry's" meta data (from form #1)?

    My users will provide their physical address during the registration process (form #1). Then they may login at another time in the future. During that subsequent session, they will complete form #2 and upload a file. I would like the physical address for that user to be submitted with the file. It would be a bad users experience if I required the physical address info to be filled out again as it was already provided during the registration.

    I am thinking that my "Form #2" needs to query the meta data from the database. Am I on the right path?

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  7. If the users are registered with form one, they will need to be logged in when they submit form 2, in order for you to use information you captured from them the first time around. If they are logged in, yes, you need to query the usermeta to get that address. Are you storing that information as part of their user profile now? How you store the information will determine how you get the information back out. for a logged-in user.

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  8. I am requiring a login for "Form 2". So, should be good with that step.

    How do I query the user metadata to get the address info?

    I am not sure how to confirm that the info is being stored as part of the user profile. I do not see it when viewing the profile, in the WP admin, when logged in as the user.

    Few Questions:

    I do I confirm that the user meta data is being stored as part of the "user profile"?
    If not, what do I need to do so that user meta data from "Form 1" (User Registration) is properly stored in said profile?
    How do I confirm this has been implemented correctly?
    Once confirmed implemented correctly, how do I query said data to populate fields in "Form 2"?

    BTW. Thanks so much for all of your help. I am obviously new to this and really appreciate all of the time you are taking to work with me.

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  9. Can you post a link to your registration form please, form #1?

    On the user registration feed for your form, you can map the fields you collect to fields which are stored with the user profile. Here are a couple good explanations of how to extend the user profile and then store and display that additional profile information.

    First you have to collect the information in the form, and ensure it's stored with the user. After that, we can go about getting the information out of the profile.

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