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Need help displaying custom form fields in a post

  1. I want the data from the custom form fields to be viewable to the authors of each other post.

    gravity forms have the elegant field work down, the magic field people have an API that reveals this dat to the public - he states on his page

    To display the information to be added in our template, for that Magic Fields give us a little api for this. In our single.php file we can add this: echo get('services');

    Does this mean he can show the output after data entry? Do this mean I can combine the two and get what I want?

    So I want authors to input data and look at each other's data. I don not want to give them full administrator to view of entries- bUt I like the look of the output for them.

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  2. I have never used Magic Fields. If Magic Fields uses custom fields to store data you should be able to use Gravity Forms to populate that data. You just need to know what the custom field key is that Magic Fields uses for each field. Then when using the Post Custom Fields on your form you would use the same key for the custom field name when adding those fields to your form.

    HOWEVER if all you want to do is show custom field data in your theme template you don't need a plugin to do that. Custom Fields are built in functionality and they don't require a plugin to display in your theme.

    See this article:

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  3. Gravity forms is being used to capture the data. (Data is being stored in the table: wp_rg_lead_detail)

    [gravityform id=2 name=CEHSoftware database description=false]

    Have been attempting to access/show the data from the postmeta using the following:

    $custom_fields = get_post_custom();
    $my_custom_field = $custom_fields['CEHSoftware database'];
    foreach ( $my_custom_field as $key => $value )
    echo $key . " => " . $value . "<br />";

    Not able to grasp any of the supposed meta data this way. I can see the data in the admin panel just fine. Getting it to echo out as part of the post itself is another issue.

    Is there anything unique or special that must be done to pull the form data out for public consumption/front end/display?



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  4. Only the Post Custom Field stores data as custom fields in the post meta table when creating posts. If you are using standard or advanced fields, these don't store data as post custom fields and only store their data in the lead table

    If you want a field that creates custom field data in post meta you must use the Post Custom Field.

    When you add a Post Custom Field to your form you then need to edit it and configure the custom field name. The custom field name IS the custom field key. This is the key that is stored in the post meta and is also the key you use for retrieving the data in your theme template.

    Other than Post Fields that create posts, there are no functions for showing entry data on the frontend. You would have to write your own functionality to do this. We do plan on adding some in the future.

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  5. Ah - thank you, this clarifies quite a bit. Hope this is helpful for others.

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