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Need help with form-to-post: author's bio, custom field, conditional description

  1. I'm building a submission form to elicit literary contributions for a crowdsourced memoir project. They will end up as posts. I'm been struggling a lot to get this to work. I'm almost there, but need a bit of input.
    The Form can be found here: You can use these to login if you like: username: littleone / password: blahblahblah

    Question 1) The Form has some into verbiage that is entered in WP Visual Editor through the Page. The problem is that although it sets the visitor up decently to understand what's required of them, it becomes unnecessary and is clutter once the user has logged in when i really want them to see ONLY the form itself. They are also eligible to submit more than once, so every time they will see all that clutter. I really want that message to be conditional on whether they are new or logged in or returning. I realize that the message probably needs to be entered as the Description form field, but I have no idea how to make it appear and disappear as needed.

    Question 2) I decided to have the form visible only to logged-in users. I have been searching for a viable login/registration plugin and the only ones I can find that actually work, generate insufficient information to build a decent Author's Bio area appended to the post. So that has moved me to include the Author's Bio, their publications and their website URL in custom fields (except for the URL which it an Advanced field). I'm "calling" these elements through the Content Template.

    Everything seems to work OK except that I can't seem to get the website URL to be a hyperlink. I have tried wrapping the merge tag in multiple ways with html, and GF seems to be stripping out my html (not the case with my other html) or I'm just wrapping it wrong.

    Here's what I currently have in the Content Template field of my Body Content form field (without the url html since that keeps disappearing or being wrong:
    ( {Your Memoir Content:13}

    <h3>Author's Bio:</h3>
    <p>{Author's Bio:17}
    <h3>Selected Publications:</h3>
    <p>{Selected Publications::18}

    I've already wasted a lot of precious time on this detail, and I'm sure there is a very simple solution that I just can't seem to hit upon.

    Thank you in advance.

    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday August 28, 2012 | Permalink
  2. A1. It looks like your theme uses the body_class() WordPress function. That means when the user is logged in, this class will be added to the body tag of the page:


    What you could do is, in your post, wrap the content you want to show to non-logged in members in a <div class="clutter"> </div> and then add this to your stylesheet:

    body.logged-in div.clutter {

    That will hide the redundant bit of content from logged in users. User who have not logged in will not have that class in the body tag, so the CSS will not be applied and the text will be shown to them. The div will have no effect for users who are not logged in.

    A2. Please post the complete notification you are using to or and paste the link to it here. Code posted here does not retain its formatting. We can help you with the exact syntax to make it a hyperlink if we can see how you're doing it now.


    Posted 9 years ago on Saturday September 1, 2012 | Permalink