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Need to create a sign up form for gym membership (but having problems)

  1. Here's what I'm trying to do, but running into some difficulty:
    I want to create a membership signup form for a fitness centre. Everything is very simple except when I get to the part where the user selects their membership type. I have 3 different membership types - annual, 6 months & block of 10 visits.

    My issue:
    Originally I set this up as a radio button choice. But I encountered 2 issues. 1) As I'm sure you know, radio buttons can't be unselected, which makes the UX a bit challenging if someone selects the wrong choice, and 2) When I try to set up the Paypal Transaction settings, I can only set up 1 billing cycle for all 3 choices (but, each option has their own billing cycle).

    So, then I changed each membership option to a different dropdown option (i.e. 3 different product fields). The problem with this option is that the Total field would not update when I selected one of my options.

    I'm sure there's a simple answer to this. I can imagine that there are a ton of people using Gravity Forms for membership sign ups. I appreciate any help you can give.

    I am not a programmer, so if you could help by being as simple and specific as possible I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Posted 12 years ago on Saturday January 28, 2012 | Permalink