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Need to remove the price in the drop down and only display label

  1. First of all everything works great except for one minor detail.

    Need to remove the the price in the quantity drop down when integrated with WooCommerce.

    It displays "50 +$257.50" and I need it to be just "50".

    My client is a boutique design agency specializing in well designed wedding invitations. They required an e-commerce solution to allow customers to select a design then choose options/add-ons (quantity, color, gender options, additional info cards and mailing lists). Each with variable drop down selections.

    Was able to achieve everything with this setup

    • -Gravity Forms (
    • -WooCommerce (1.4.4)
    • -WooCommerce - Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons (1.3.1)
    • -WP (3.3.1)

    Here's what the form looks like on the front end:

    Here's the exported XML:

    I had to create unique Gravity Forms for each product and then associate it with its respective WooCommerce product.

    They wanted to sell in only sets of 25 so I "enable values" which worked.

    In this case, I set the WooCommerce base price for $257.50 and the Gravity Form price $0.
    For the Quantity:

    • Label 25, Value 25, Price $0
    • Label 50, Value 50, Price $257.50
    • ...and so forth

    Shopping cart and data-wise, everything works. I just need to remove all the the prices in the drop down selections on the front-end:

    ie..."50 +$257.50" instead of "50".

    <field id="10" size="medium" type="option" inputType="select" productField="14" enablePrice="1" enableEnhancedUI="1" enableChoiceValue="1">
            <description><![CDATA[(<strong>PRICE</strong>: $257.50 per set of 25)]]></description>

    Side note:
    They also requested the customer only pay a 50% deposit + applicable taxes (this was achieved within WooCommerce and had nothing to do with Gravity Forms)

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday March 6, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Currently there is no way to remove the pricing information from the Option Fields. There is no option in the form editor UI to disable them and there is currently no hook or filter to do so using code.

    However, it is a feature that has been requested a few times so we are going to add it to the next development sprint that we will begin tomorrow and will get it included in the next release.

    I have replied to your Priority Support request and we can continue the conversation there where I want to know more about your use case for feature development purposes.

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  3. To update my reply above, there is now a hook that can be used to manipulate OR disable the pricing information that appears on Option Pricing Fields.

    It is the gform_format_option_label javascript hook and documentation and a usage example for this hook can be found here:

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday May 14, 2012 | Permalink

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