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Newbie- Question on two items.

  1. 1. How do I create a form so it pops out in an "ajaxy" way . Example of what I want to do is on this site; when you click on contactus, the form opens up without opening another page. Any direction is appreciated.

    2. How do I include a check box with terms of service in a form? I would like the box to be smaller and user must scroll down to read content. Let me know if this is possible with gravity forms.

    thanks in advance

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  2. The first one would be opening a form in a "modal window", which is commonly called a lightbox, etc. You can search for "modal" and find several different topics here. I put together a demo a good while back using the FancyBox script. It may be a tad dated due to new versions of both GF & Fancybox, but the concepts should be the same.

    Secondly, You can create a checkbox field with just the one checkbox.. "I agree to the terms of service"or whatever, make it required so the form won't process until it's checked. For the actual terms, you could use a HTML block to embed that content inline - possibly create a scrolling div with CSS or you could use a section break element with the CSS ready class that turns it into a scrolling element. You can find info on that here.. look for "gf_scroll_text"

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  3. Regarding #1, check out my blog post:

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