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Notification to User not working for "add-on domain" emails

  1. First, awesome plugin, a pleasure to use after cforms.

    My contact form is very straightforward. Admin notification works perfectly.

    The user notification only works with a specific email address in the "from email" field. To be more specific, this WP install is on an "add on" domain on my hosting account. I have created email addresses for both the primary domain and for this add-on domain.

    When I put the email address from the primary domain into the "from email" field for the user notification, the email is sent correctly to the user and is received. When I switch the "from email" field to be the email address from the add-on domain, the user notification is not sent.

    Note - I have the exact same email address from the add-on domain in the admin notification "send to email" and "from email" fields, and the admin notification always comes thru.

    The only problem is with using any address from the add-on domain in the "from email" for user notifications.

    As you are aware, most hosts do not support issues with WP plugins. However my hosting company ( did try setting up another email address for the add-on domain and had no trouble getting it to send. They did not (and I'm sure will not) try it in your plugin, however. And since they saw the add-on email address send properly they will no doubt tell me that it is the plugin.

    Soooo, any ideas about the cause and/or resolution of this?


    Posted 12 years ago on Wednesday July 20, 2011 | Permalink
  2. This isn't going to be a plugin issue, your web server is what sends the email. We just tell your web server the to/from/subject/message and then ask your web server to send the email. The actual send mail functionality is a function of your web server.

    So this is going to be some sort of web server configuration, although i'm not surprised the web host won't be of any help in determining the issue because they are typically useless and prefer to pass the blame on the software end of things because it's easy for them to do.

    One thing I could suggest is try using the WP Mail SMTP plugin to configure your WordPress site to send email via SMTP rather than PHP sendmail which is the default method. You can find this plugin here:

    You will need to get with your host on proper SMTP settings and configure those on the Settings page of this plugin. This will then use SMTP to send the notifications, SMTP is typically more reliable.

    Posted 12 years ago on Wednesday July 20, 2011 | Permalink