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  1. I have this form here

    I would like the admin notification email to be received from the technician who performed the service in the from field so the office knows who performed the service..

    is there a way to populate the from email notification to admin field based on which of the 3 technicians performed the service so the office knows who performed what on who's yard..

    Right now I just have two of the guys emails in the from field so when the office receives the notification there is know way to distinguish who actually performed it..

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  2. I think you can use the gform_pre_submission_filter.

    The example on that page shows setting up the BCC based on inputs in the form. You would set the "from email" based on input in your form.

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  3. In your screenshot, you will be sending to and from the same technician? The routing appears to be set up to send to the same addresses that are in your current "from email." I figured you wanted the email to come from the technician who filled out the form, and be sent to the office. In that case, the routing would not be required on the "to" but would all go to one office email. Then the "from email" would be set using the gform_pre_submission_filter.

    The routing can be separate from the "from email" but I'm not sure what all the actual addresses will be. Are any of the email addresses repeated?

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  4. right... i want each tech to get a copy of his own 10 point analysis so i have set if jim tieken is selected.. then send to jtieken at then i have a , on each of them and included the office rep in on them.... guess i could just have put the office rep on the bcc....

    basically just need to figure out how to make the from change based on the selected tech.... i will

    cmcfarland would get all submissions (office rep).... would want the email he gets to come from the tech who performed the analysis and the customer who receives the report would be able to reply to the tech that performed the analysis..

    techs... jtieken at
    tbramlett at
    sanzivino at

    Office rep... cmcfarland at

    I looked at the link but was a little lost... lol, thanks for the help though

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  5. When a tech fills out a form, one copy should go to the office manager, and one should be sent to the tech himself. And all the copies should come FROM the tech who submitted the form. Is that correct?

    There may be an issue with spam filters having the email come TO who it was sent FROM, but you can work around that later.

    If you can confirm this is what you want, I will write something up for you. Thanks.

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  6. Yep that's correct and a copy also goes to the customer... the tech fills out the customer email and addresss on the form itself so that the customer know what was performed on his or her lawn.

    right now... if a customer replies to the notification.. i have showing it is coming from support at so they reply to the office but I may need that to show the techs from email also so the reply goes to the actual tech if the customer replies... discussing that with office now... thank you... Scott

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  7. You have some unique notification requirements. Let me see if I have this correct.

    Tech completes a service and fills out form. Form will have the customer's email address in it. When the form is submitted, the notification should come From the tech. The following people need notifications:

    1. customer (actual email)
    2. office (admin notification)
    3. tech (copy for himself, could be admin or visitor)

    I think most of that can be set up in the notification screen. The only thing we need to do is override the "From" email address, so the office and the customer, if they reply, are replying to the tech?

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  8. yep , that is correct.... all based on the tech selected who performed the service on the dropdown

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  9. It takes just a little bit of code added to your theme's functions.php

    I looked at your page and I think you are using form 2 so this code should be correct. If you want to use this for a different form, change the "_2" in line 3 to your form ID. If you wanted to apply this code to form 17, line 3 would look like this:

    add_action('gform_pre_submission_filter_17', 'set_from_email');

    The other thing you need to change is line 6 to the actual field in your form that contains the value of the email address. I noticed you used radio buttons for the technician names. I looked at your form and I believe input_19 is correct for the technician name. Be sure you enable values and then insert the email address for each tech as the value. That will properly work with the code in line 6 here.

            $techemail = rgpost('input_19');

    You will need to set up your admin and customer notifications in the form builder. The one thing that will be overridden in two places is the "from" email. You'll need to enter something there, but it does not matter since we will override it with this function.

    You can submit the form here and you will receive a copy of the customer notification and see that it comes "from" the email address of the technician who submitted the form.
    Password is greenprint

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

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  10. just saw this chris thank you, i will try to implement this today... i am subscribed to this post but have not been getting updates via email lately for some reason when subscribing to topics here... thanks for working on this again..


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  11. Subscribe to topic in bbPress (the forum software in use here) is flaky. Please do check in. Thanks

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