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Notifications not working and Emails not being stored

  1. Christinarule

    I just recently noticed that a form I have stop sending notifications. I fixed this by deleted the email field and recreated another one. I retested and everything seems to be working in regards to the notifications. However when I went back to look at my entry logs for past entries (that we didn't get notifications about) I noticed that only the name field was populated and not the email field. I don't understand how this could happen since I know for a FACT this was working before and not all of a sudden all these leads I've collected with gravity forms are gone? Is there somewhere in the database they could be stored?

    Hosted on WPEngine
    PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.14
    MySQL Version 5.5.27
    WordPress Version 3.5.1
    Gravity Forms Version 1.6.12

    List of all the plugins installed and up to date
    All In One SEO Pack
    Force Regenerate Thumbnails
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Gravity Forms
    Social Profiles Widget
    Special Recent Posts FREE Edition
    White Label Branding for WordPress
    Widget Logic

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  2. When attempting to delete a field from an existing form that already has entry data, you will be presented with the warning you see here: . It sounds like this is what happened in your case. When you deleted your existing email field from the form and clicked OK, the email field data was removed from all existing entries because that field is now gone. The entry will still be there, just not the data for the field you removed.

    The data for that field is deleted from the database, so the only way you can retrieve it would be from a database backup if you have one.

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  3. Deleting and re-adding an Email Field on your form isn't going to help fix an issue with Notifications. They are completely unrelated. If by doing this it corrected some sort of issue you were having with notifications then it was purely coincidence.

    Your web server sends the email notifications and issues related to email notifications not being sent aren't going to have anything to do with your form fields.

    Deleting a field on your form deletes the data associated with that field. When you go to delete a field on your form you get an alert that warns you that by deleting this field you will also be deleting the data associated with that field. You have to then agree to do so before it will then delete the field.

    So by deleting the field on your form you also deleted the entry data associated with that field. This means all existing entries for that form. This is explained in the warning message you receive that asks you to confirm if in fact you want to delete the field or not.

    This is the same way other form solutions such as Wufoo work. This is because the entry data is directly wired to the setup of the form itself.

    Never delete a field on a form unless A) you've exported the entry data associated with that form so you have that data should you absolutely need it or B) you don't care if the data associated with that field is deleted.

    Because you deleted that field even after being warned that the entry data associated with that field would also be deleted, the only way to recover the data would be via database backups. WPEngine is good about performing backups so you may need to discuss this with them.

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  4. Christinarule

    Thanks! I was able to grab the entries from a backup I had (thanks wp-engine!). I must have overlooked the message. I'm still having some issues with the notifications. My client has a email and they're not able to receive messages, however when I test it on my gmail account I do get the notification. I've checked the spam filters and folders and the message is no where to be found. Has anyone else ever experienced issues like this with comcast email accounts?

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  5. Christinarule

    Follow up.
    I've reached out to my server (wpengine) who advised me to reach out to Comast to ensure nothing was being blocked on our email account. I did this and spent about an hour on the phone with Comcast testing things and they found nothing being blocked.

    The issue is the notification is set to go to and for some reason they're not receiving any kind of notification. I then set the notification to go to, and it was going through to the Gmail account but still not to the comcast account.

    I'm not sure where to go from here.... Any suggestions?

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  6. David Peralty

    No suggestions from our side. You've proven that Gravity Forms works, and even more importantly that WordPress' PHP sendmail works. You might want to have your client use a send address that is actually on the server instead of his ComCast address.

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