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Notifying multiple addresses via the BCC field

  1. TotzPelton

    I have a form where we capture two additional e-mail addresses other than the user's. I want to send a notification to the two additional addresses and (optionally) the user as well.

    I have setup a "Notification to the User" where I send to the user's e-mail address. Then, I thought I got clever and added this string to the BCC field that I scraped from adding fields to the body:

    {Email of Innovator 2:10},{Email of Innovator 1:9}

    Where fields 9 and 10 are the two other addresses.

    The problem is that it only seems to send to the first address on this list, in this case "field 10". I can confirm that both fields are valid by putting them in the message body as well, but it doesn't seem to take a comma-separated list.

    Any ideas?

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday February 18, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Just doing a quick test with the BCC I had no problems using field variables in the BCC field, including multiple field variables. It send without a problem.

    A couple things to note..

    Make sure you are running the latest development release of Gravity Forms v1.5. There were issues with variables in the BCC field in earlier releases.

    Make sure you test with emails that don't go to the same inbox. Some email hosts like GMail for instance, makes it confusing to test this way because it combines the emails into one and doesn't show all the BCC addresses. So it could be working but GMail isn't reflecting all the information.

    How I tested was I had 3 email fields. The Send 2 and 2 friend emails. I tested each of them individually by putting fake emails in the 2 fields I wasn't testing at that time. I alternated which field had a real email address and submitted the form 3 times. I received each of the 3 notifications as expected which means the setup was working.

    The reason why I did this was because I use GMail and how it handles emails in this situation since I was sending them to addresses that went to the same inbox.

    But it appears to work fine in the latest 1.5 development release.

    Another thing to keep in mind is it is possible the send mail functionality on your web server has been limited to only allow for 1 BCC field. We've seen situations where servers only allow 1 Send To address, so this is also a possibility.

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday February 18, 2011 | Permalink