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Pass Custom Validation Result In Query String

  1. mrhoneyfoot

    My goal is to redirect users to one of two pages using a query string. Similar to what Kevin Flahaut describes in post 3 of

    So far, so good. However, what I want to send through a query string is whether an input passed or failed a custom validation function. Basically the function (courtesy of the excellent David Smith) checks if a zipcode/postcode is present in an array of codes eligible for a service.

    What I want to do after this check is send the user to one of two pages based on validation:

    If YES code is in the array, then redirect user to page A, and a further awesome gravity form.
    If No code isn't in the array, then go to page B, and be told that you aren't eligible.

    So how can you populate a query string based on a passed or failed custom validation function? Or can one redirect from the validation result result in the custom function itself? Anyone know if this is possible?

    Posted 12 years ago on Tuesday January 25, 2011 | Permalink