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Payment gateway

  1. Recently I tried using WP E-commerce for setting up a order page for my website. It was horrible. The html-code the plugin is creating is a mess, the backend is a complete hell. Now i tried Gravity Forms, and I found it is amazing!

    The only problem is that I'm missing some features that WP E-commerce does have. I'm looking for the best (and easy) alternative for that.

    I'm selling a custom made product. You can choose if you want 1 (€25,-) or 3 (€50,-) of it and you can choose if you want it printed (+€10,-) of send by e-mail (free). I want to accept Paypal, iDeal (The Netherlands), Mister Cash (belgium) and some more, by using one (or more) payment gateway provider(s).

    I also want to use "flexible coupon/discount pricing rules" (for example: entering 'freeshipping2011' gives free shipping (re-usable), or entering '3i8ygufh92' gives you (only once) 25% discount)

    What's the best solutions for my problem?

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday December 16, 2011 | Permalink