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Paypal and the gform_pre_submission hook

  1. BruceMcK

    I've been setting up my first set of forms which use the PayPal add-on. (Works really well by the way).

    I got the form hooked up to the Paypal sandbox without a problem, but I've run into problems with the form pre-populating the State/Province drop-down in Paypal (when using a credit card for payment).

    I initially thought the problem was because I was using an abbreviation for the state (NSW) instead of the full name (New South Wales) which appears in the Paypal drop-down. So using plugin method suggested in, I created a plugin to hook gform_pre_submission hook().

    This didn't work. So I deactivated the plugin, and manually typed 'New South Wales' into my form, but Paypal still did not recognise it. The state drop-down was still blank, even though 'New South Wales' is one of the states listed.

    Can you help? Is this a problem with the beta Paypal add-on, or something else?

    Thanks, Bruce.

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday December 22, 2010 | Permalink