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PayPal Not Redirecting Regardless of Product Field

  1. jtdesign00

    Hello support group,
    I have a site setup with multiple 'gift card' categories available for purchase. I've been testing and have them all working with proper notifications (without any payment connected). My next step was integrating PayPal and then launching. I've followed the instructions for integration, setup all of the appropriate PayPal forms in the backend for each category in production mode, and when I test out the form, it does not redirect for payment. I've checked the forums and see most people are not Option instead of Product. I'm using the Drop Down Products option, and the total field updates as it should, so there is a price involved. Not sure what I'm missing.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for the slick plugin!

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  2. It's difficult to tell from just looking at your form. I would need to be able to see your form setup and your PayPal feed setup. If you can send me a WordPress admin login to this site via our Contact Us form and reference this forum post I can take a look and see whats going on.

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  3. jtdesign00

    Submitted. Thank you for the quick response!

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  4. The problem is the Option fields aren't tied to the Product field. I can't figure out how you could have done that as i'm unable to replicate it when creating a form locally. So those Option fields aren't tied to any product field currently.

    It looks like something was wrong with your first form, and because you duplicated it the problem carried down to your other 13. We've seen issues like this when people used the Export to XML, manually manipulated the form XML data, and then re-imported.

    I was unable to reproduce this issue by creating a form and then duplicating it. So somehow something was wrong with the first form that you created, i'm not able to reproduce how it happened.

    So those Options aren't tied to the Product, which means they don't get saved to that product and while the Total reflects more than $0 thats only because of how the Javascript for the pricing calculations work, the Option isn't being saved because it's not tied to a product. If there is only one product on the form and you add options, by default they are tied to that product. If multiple products are on the form, then options display a drop down to select which product it is an option of. Somehow your options didn't get tied to the product.

    The solution is going to be to correct one of the forms by deleting and re-adding the "Select A Trip" Product field, and then correcting the conditional logic on the Options to then use this new Product field for the conditional logic. I have already corrected the "Corporate Anniversary" form and it is now working properly and redirecting to PayPal. So you canuse that are your base. So what you can do is delete the other forms, and then duplicate the "Corporate Anniversary" form to create the others again.

    You'll have to also then delete and re-add your PayPal Feeds because they won't be valid if you delete the other forms.

    Duplicate it and make your changes just like you did initially but only do the first one, and then test to see if it works properly. It should, but if it doesn't let me know and we can see exactly the steps you took to recreate the issue. Otherwise, if it works then go ahead and do the same thing for the other forms.

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  5. jtdesign00

    Thank you for the excellent support!

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  6. My site is and I'm having the same issue. How do I tie in multiple options for multiple products? I set up my products (classes/events) and then added an option form that uses conditional logic for class dates. For example...only the dates for one class show when that class is chosen and so on. When I test the site, I do not get rerouted to Paypal. What am I missing here?

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  7. @fingerprint If you have multiple Product Fields on your form a new option will appear on your Option Fields that let you choose which Product the Option is assigned to. If it's not rerouted to PayPal you may have used all Option Fields and not used a Product Field, that is the first thing to look at.

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  8. That's where I'm confused. I have one product module with several product fields(one for each class). There is nothing called "option" in this module. Then I have an Options module that I created with several option fields for each date that the class takes place. Again, there are not fields called "options" anywhere in the module. I see Properties and Advanced Tabs and under Properties I see Choices(label/price) but no where does it say Option.

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  9. It's hard to tell. The field isn't going to say it's an Option Field you'd have to know that what field types you used, or look at the options when editing the field to know if it's an Option field or not. I can't tell from looking at your front end form what fields you used because some fields let you use similar field types.

    If you configured PayPal and it's not redirecting to PayPal then this means that you didn't use the Pricing Fields correctly and there is either no Product being selected or the Total cost is $0 in which case there is no payment to be made.

    If you send me a WordPress admin login for this site via our Contact Us form and reference this post I can take a look at your form and edit it to see what fields are being used.

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  10. Just sent it to you. Can you confirm receipt?

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  11. Yes, i've received it and will take a look.

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  12. Your form appears to be redirecting to PayPal just fine. You do have at least one Option Field on your form already. This field is using the Option Field type: although this field is just using a Drop Down field type and isn't an option field:

    You mentioned you can't find the Option Field anywhere... it's a Field Type and it's found under the Pricing Fields here:

    I see a couple problems with your form. First off your Product Field has an option that has a blank price. There is a difference between a blank price and a price of $0.00. A blank price means no selection. See this screenshot, you'll see Stork Club has no price, which isn't the same thing as $0.00:

    All Products should have a price if you want it selectable, even if that price is $0.00.

    If you select one of the Products that form is redirecting to PayPal just fine. The single Option Field you have for selecting the date is automatically impacting the price by adding $65.00 because it's only option is automatically selected and set to t price of $65.00.

    I also noticed your two date fields don't have conditional logic applied to them. They always appear.

    There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the PayPal integration, it's redirecting to PayPal if I select Products and there is a valid Total. If you selected the Stork Club which has no price... it won't redirect to PayPal.

    While the Option is impacting the price, Options attach themselves to Products and if that Product has a blank price then it's a placeholder and not an actual selectable product. Blank price is to be used for the first item in a drop down where you want to have an option that says "Please Select One" that isn't itself a real option, just a placeholder.

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