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PayPal Payments Pro: 3 Subscription Plans, Billing Cycle (monthly OR yearly)

  1. Hi guys!

    First, absolutely loving Gravity Forms!!

    Hope you can point me in the right direction with this:

    We're setting up a membership site, and will be processing payments via the GF Paypal add-on and PayPal Payments Pro.

    Can't figure out how to confirm this scenario however, please advise:
    - subscribers will choose from 3 subscription plans with varying rate ( say $10, $20, $30 / month )
    - However, would like to give them the option to pre-pay for the year and save money

    So ideally I have these 2 sets of radio buttons:
    - radio button: plan 1 ($10), plan 2 ($20), plan 3 ($30)
    - separate radio button underneath that says: monthly or yearly (save 20%)

    How can we set this up in GF Paypal add-on?


    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday May 30, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Hi Dan & Jen,

    Good to see you on the forums!

    The trick here is going to be the new calculation product field. I'd create your options as two separate radio button fields (not product fields set to the radio button type).

    You can then setup up a product field as a calculation type and setup the formula to multiply the product level radio field by the payment frequency radio field.

    The second trick here is that you want to apply a discount for the yearly but not the monthly. The simplest way to do this is to deduct the 20% from the yearly value. So typically a year will be 12 months. 20% off of a year would be 9.6 months:

    Let me know if that makes sense. :)

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  3. Hey David, that's excellent - makes sense.

    The only thing I'm not clear on is the billing interval, i.e. whether they'll be billed now and again monthly vs. now and again yearly - how would that get set?

    because I only see that in the paypal settings for the form - monthly/yearly - in the screen where you define a PayPal payments pro feed -

    so how would i pass this setting - whether to bill monthly vs yearly - to this feed?


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  4. Hi Dan,

    You can configure multiple feeds and then using the feed conditional (down at the bottom of the feed page) to specify a condition for that feed being used to process the payment. In your case, you'll want to setup two feeds (monthly/yearly) and set the feed condition for each feed to the respective option on your monthly/yearly field from the form.

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  5. oooh, awesome - thanks David!! :-)

    Have an awesome day!

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  6. Hey David - follow-up question to this - let me know if you'd prefer I start a new thread for this and just reference the current one.

    So got all the above working, awesome.

    Now trying to put the Gravity Form into the right place in the sales flow.

    Question is: our visitors will start on a pricing table page that shows the plans and features, with a "buy now" button under each plan: plan 1, plan 2, plan 3

    Clicking on "buy now" for each plan will take you to the Gravity Form to fill out.

    The question: how can we pass the particular plan they wanted to buy on that page - to be the default selected plan on the Gravity Form? so the plan 1/ plan 2 / plan 3 radio button set would default to "plan 2" if that's what the guy clicked on from the pricing table page.

    Does that make sense?


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