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posting form to blog - am i getting this correctly

  1. erueschhoff

    I asked some initial questions here in this thread -- and I am ok with the future support to have them be able to edit

    BUT -- my bigger question is -- am I correct that the only information that can be posted to the blog is information entered in the post field from the form -- I can't have the entire form with all the other fields post to the blog -- I need to create a profile form for members to complete and then have it post to the blog so their information is visible to the public -- I thought this was the perfect solution but it appears that it may not have been what I thought and now I'm looking at having to pay for someone to help me write a script to upload the information back into a post -- I'm really desperate here -- I need to get a solution to this because this was a favor for a friend and the project is now overdue -- so any guidance would be great and if you have a referral to someone I can pay to help me with this that would be great too -- thanks

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  2. The only data that is used to create a post is data entered from Post Fields.

    This is because Posts only have limited types of data that can be attached to them. They have a Title, Body, Excerpt, Categories, Tags, and Custom Field capabilities. These are the fields that are provided.

    I'll see if there is a semi-easy way to do this using the available hooks and get back with you.

    I'm assuming you want to populate custom fields using other field types like Dropdowns or Radio Buttons? Otherwise i'm not sure what you would want because the only custom data you can populate would be the Custom Fields and those have a "KEY/VALUE" combination which makes a single value per custom field so you wouldn't be able to use checkboxes.

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  3. erueschhoff,
    Only the post fields will be copied to the post and be displayed in the front end of your blog. But if I understand correctly, you can do what you are trying to do with a set of Post Custom Fields.
    To create a post that represents a member profile, add fields such as name, email, etc. as Post Custom Fields to the form. That way, when users submit the form, their profile information will be stored as a custom field of the post. The only thing you will have to do then is display that information in the front end of your blog. The following page has some information on how to do that.

    Hope this helps!
    Good Luck.

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