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Pre Populate from CSV

  1. Do you guys know how to prepopulate a dropdown from a csv file on the server?

    I would do it through the admin area, but the file is 30,000+ lines so that admin interface freezes when I try to save the form.

    This is what I attempted with, but no luck

    add_filter('gform_pre_render_7', 'GF_prepopulate_2');
    function GF_prepopulate_2($form){
    		 foreach($form["fields"] as &$field){
                if($field["id"] == 15){
    					$csv = array();
    					$file = fopen('', 'r');
    					while (($result = fgetcsv($file)) !== false)
    						$csv[] = $result;
    					foreach ($csv as $line){
    								$field['choices'][] = array( 'text' => $line, 'value' => $line);
    	 return $form;
    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday June 13, 2013 | Permalink