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Pricing Field values do not display in entries or notifications

  1. Hi,

    I am making a form that allows clients to request quotes. I have a few products each with a significant number of options. Currently, I only need to know the product and options that the client desires (without any pricing information) because I plan on determining the quote myself and sending it in a response email. However, in the future I plan to include a pricing calculator so the client can see an estimate of how much the project will cost. Because of these intentions for the future I decided to create the form using the "pricing fields" but left the actual parts of those fields where I would assign a dollar amount blank. I created the form using 1 "product" from the pricing field and a large number of "options" from the pricing field (utilizing conditional logic). There are a few other fields within the form that are not of the "pricing" variety.

    I set up my "notification" section with an email populated with the drop down menu of form field values. I tested the form and unfortunately none of the values that originate from pricing fields display in my notification email or my entries. Upon further testing I am began to suspect that pricing fields will not show up in the notifications. Or maybe they will not show up unless they have a dollar amount assigned to them.

    Am I correct? Will the values of Pricing fields only display if there is a dollar amount assigned to them? I want to make sure this is the problem before I remake the form (because it took a pretty long time to make). Is there a way to change a "pricing field" to a "standard field" after a form has been made?


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  2. Pricing fields can't have a blank dollar amount if you expect the selection to be saved.

    They have to have a value, otherwise they are treated as unselected. This is to allow you to set a Product or Option field to required and have a placeholder in the first option, if the price is blank then is triggers a required field validation error to tell the user they must pick one of the options.

    Try using a price of 0.00 instead of leaving it blank. 0.00 is a value and not the same as leaving the field blank.

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  3. That makes sense. Thank you!

    Posted 12 years ago on Sunday April 10, 2011 | Permalink

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