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Pricing Total field not updating and some UI issues

  1. ax10

    I've come across a few issues with the Quantity pricing field and the enhanced UI.

    I've built a form using just pricing fields and some conditional logic. i.e Drop-down 2 only displays if a particular value in drop-down 1 is selected. The order of my fields is as follows...

    Drop-down 1: select product
    Drop-down 2: select hire duration
    Drop-down 3: quantity
    Text-field: total

    Issue 1:
    If I set all fields to use "enable enhanced user interface" the total field does NOT update. I found that it was the "quantity drop-down" that was the problem, once I turned the "enhanced user interface" off the Total started to work. But now my form looks inconsistent as the other drop-downs look much much better with the enhanced UI.

    Issue 2:
    Also noticed that if I change the Quantity drop-down into a "Number" type field, when I type in a number (i.e 2) there is nothing to force the Total field to update. Its like there is no change or loss of focus detected on this number field to force the Total field to update.

    Issue 3:
    When the form fields are using enhanced UI - when you trip the validation it re-sets all the drop-downs back to non enhanced UI when it displays submission errors to the user.

    Issue 4:
    Not sure if you are supporting IE7?
    If so, if you have "enhanced UI" drop-downs one after the other. When you go back to select an option from the first one - the drop-down options disappear under the lower drop-down rather than over the drop-down like the other browsers tested.

    I'm using WP 3.2.1 and GF 1.6.1 on Mac OS X Lion using Chrome. Also testing in IE 7,8,9 on Vista
    p.s my shortcode uses "ajax='true'"

    p.s.s sorry its on my localhost machine at the moment
    Many thanks


    Posted 12 years ago on Tuesday November 22, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Having a related problem. Have a form with "product dropdown", "quantity", and "total". When I preview the form, all fields update the total correctly. When looking at the form on the actual webpage, the total does not update. It always stays at zero.

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  3. Forgot to share the URL here:

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  4. The first issue I see is NONE of the required Gravity Forms scripts or CSS are being output on the page. This is why none of the JS related functionality is functioning properly and the Total is not calculating.

    You need to make sure that you have not turned off script output on the Gravity Forms Settings page.

    If you are displaying the form using the shortcode in a page or post, then the issue could be theme related. Your theme must have the standard WordPress hooks wp_head() in your header.php and wp_footer() in your footer.php file. Without these, Gravity Forms can't enqueue the necessary scripts.

    If you are displaying the form using the function call Gravity Forms can't automatically enqueue the scripts. There is a separate function call that handles this that you would place in your themes functions.php file. Here is the function call:

    The enqueue function is also necessary when the form is being displayed via the shortcode in an untraditional manner. Ex. when your theme doesn't display the page or post using a standard loop.

    I can't tell from looking at this page how you have your site setup and which scenario above is true. You'll have to take a look and try and determine that. One quick thing to test if it's a problem with your theme specifically is to activate the default Twenty Eleven theme and then browse that page and see if the form functions properly.

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  5. Carl, thanks for the detailed reply.

    My theme does support wp_head() and wp_footer(). I am using a ithemes Builder theme with child theme.

    I have the total updating now. I had originally deactivated all plugins except Cart66 and GravityForms. I had never deactivated Cart66 because it is using the GravityForm I was having trouble with and displaying it through a Cart66 shortcode. Out of curiosity, I deactivated my Gravityform and noticed that the Cart66 shortcode was using ajax="false". So, I deactivated Cart66 and added the shortcode for my Gravityform directly to my store page, and voila the total field started updating. -- (On a side note, I can style the rest of the form, but try as I might I can't seem to style the "Total" field. Even using the css path that Firebug shows me, I still can't seem to style the Total field.)

    To continue, I then activated Cart66 again, and the form still works. I suppose Cart66 isn't as integrated with Gravityforms as they claim it to be. My site is still on a development server, so I guess it isn't too late to choose a different shopping cart.

    Is there any particular e-commerce plugin that you guys would recommend over the others? I'm sure you guys know best which ones integrate well with Gravityforms. I first purchased a Gravityform license some time ago, but honestly haven't actually started working with your plugin til here very recently. Appears to be a very good, powerful plugin. No wonder so many developers and users rave about it.

    Also, I would like to thank the team for all the documentation provided for Gravityforms. Styling the forms is a major pain, but all your documentation is certainly a great help.

    Posted 12 years ago on Wednesday November 23, 2011 | Permalink
  6. Unfortunately there isn't any specific shopping cart I can recommend. The only one I know of who has done any Gravity Forms integration is Cart66. Another one you could look at is WooCommerce. They don't have any kind of Gravity Forms integration, but I know it's something they plan on doing in the future.

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  7. Thanks Carl. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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