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Print Submitted Form With Original Styling/Layout

  1. Greetings all,

    I'm searching for any clues on how to print a submitted form WITH the original styling intact. I've successfully hacked together parts of print-entry.php to get this working, but I've hit some snags.

    Here's my code thus far:

    add_filter('gform_field_value_field_9', 'field_9');
    function field_9($value){
    	$display_empty_fields = true;
    //use the function name to match the field id
    	$field_id = __FUNCTION__;
    	preg_match('@^(?:field_)?([^/]+)@i', $field_id, $matches);
    	$field = $matches[1];
    //get value of field
    	$value = RGFormsModel::get_lead_field_value($lead, $field);
    	$display_value = GFCommon::get_lead_field_display($field, $value, $lead["currency"]);
    	$display_value = apply_filters("gform_entry_field_value", $display_value, $field, $lead, $form);
    	if($display_empty_fields || !empty($display_value) || $display_value === "0"){
    	    $is_last = $count >= $field_count && !$has_product_fields ? true : false;
    	    $last_row = $is_last ? " lastrow" : "";
    	    $display_value =  empty($display_value) && $display_value !== "0" ? " " : $display_value;
    	    $content = ''.$display_value.'';
    	    $content = apply_filters("gform_field_content", $content, $field, $value, $lead["id"], $form["id"]);
    //echo works, return doesn't
    	return $content;

    It generates any value for a specified $field_id just fine, but it chokes on the return to dynamically populate the actual fields. It also will not return checkbox values, which I understand is a function of text values vs checked/not checked states. can it be done? I really want to stay close to the metal on this, but I'm willing to keep coding if needed. I just need a way for my client to hit "Print" in the admin and see a fully-filled form that looks like the original template. I need this method to work, or to find a new way to go about it. Any ideas?

    Note: I'm working on one project right now, but there's at least one more developer's license to purchase for new clients if we can figure it out. :)

    Thanks for your time.

    Posted 7 years ago on Thursday March 15, 2012 | Permalink
  2. *bump*

    Still struggling with this - any ideas thus far?

    Posted 7 years ago on Tuesday March 20, 2012 | Permalink
  3. Nickel

    I'm about to start this project myself... did you figure it out, and if not, can someone help?

    Posted 6 years ago on Wednesday August 1, 2012 | Permalink
  4. @Nickel, what are you trying to accomplish? Offer a print version of the entry where it looks like the form that was filled out?

    Posted 6 years ago on Thursday August 2, 2012 | Permalink