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problems with upgrade to 1.7.2

  1. since upgrade to 1.7.2 yesterday,I am having a problem with my credit card payment form. I don't have any addons with it other than salesforce API addon and CF7 importer (both up to date).
    In the form builder i have:
    a user contributed price field,
    a 2% surcharge field that auto calculates in inputs the surcharge,
    and a total price field that adds the 2 previous fields together. (all product fields)
    I then have a hidden field that sends the order to our credit card merchant. (number field).
    on the website, these all work as they should (user puts in a price, the 2% is calculated and shows, and the total is calculated and shows), however in the backend, in both the entries and in the notification email that is sent, the total field does not add the surcharge (even though it does in the webpage) and the hidden field is only coming through with a value of 0. all of the calculations are correct, and it should work. I had a php guy (the person who intergrated the form with our merchant) look over it, and he cannot find any error either, and has also concluded that it is a problem with the update...
    any thoughts?

    I have the latest update of WP (currently 3.5.1)
    hopefully that is enough info at least to start.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday May 1, 2013 | Permalink