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Query String to Page text places

  1. Guys guys guys... you are patient beings indeed.

    This is all in theory.

    I am guessing that gravity can do this.

    I have a questionnaire/quiz form that uses text replies with numeric values.

    Question? Yes {A2} or No {B2)
    The calculation field totals these up and uses conditional logic to relate it to a particular hidden field that will then be passed on to a page via query string.

    A total score between:
    0 – 6 will relate to “1 in 60” text {ATotal1)
    7 – 20 will relate to “3 in 40” text (ATotal2)
    30 – 60 will relate to ……

    Contained in hidden fields that will pass through to the required page

    I have followed this tutorial and posted on

    I have also installed this plugin

    The text on the page will be something like this (example)

    You have a ____{ATotal2}____ chance of being a SuperHero

    Your responses to the questions are as follows:

    Do you have X-Ray Vision? ___{A2}___ (ie No)

    Do you hate green stones that glow? _{B2}____ (ie No)

    Do you wear underwear over your trousers? __{C1}___ (is Yes)

    Are you able to defy gravity (forms)? _{D1}____ (ie Yes)

    Would I have to create a php hook with a wp short code generated from that plugin for each field to be completed when the quiz is complete?

    Am I missing something?

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  2. Still trying to work it out! Any joy?

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