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Questions regarding a few limitations...

  1. Just installed the developers license and started playing with the forms. I've noticed two *major* limitations that would keep us from using Gravity forms on projects, I'm hopeful there are some easy workarounds.

    1. Can't auto-populate Name Field
    Every form that's completed is completed by a registered user who is logged in. I don't want to ask them for their name, but I also can't auto-complete a hidden 'name' field with the logged in user's name. The option simply doesn't exist on the 'advanced' tab. This means, their name does not appear when configuring notifications. No notifications can be sent with the user's name as the sender's name. I can populate email address, but not name.

    2. Only two notifications?
    Our form collects a variety of data involving a transaction. I'm shocked that I can only send two messages: one admin, one user. I need to be able to send emails for every "name" and "email" that I collect on a form. This is a major, major drawback, but I'm hoping there is a mod or plugin that will allow for additional notifications to be configured.

    Ideally a little '+' to setup a new notification for each additional, or similar.


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  2. 1) The name field not having a default value option will be corrected in the next release.

    2) If you need to send the User Notification to multiple email addresses there is a hook you can use to set the Send To address using PHP code as a customization. You could use this hook to set the Send To address so that it concatenates all of your email field values so it sends to them all.

    Here is the hook for setting the Send To on the user notification:

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  3. I need to send customized HTML emails to various names and emails that are collected, for example:

    1. Person sending forms gets confirmation
    2. Admin gets confirmation
    3. Client gets confirmation
    4. Referring party gets confirmation

    Each email is unique and customized. I don't see how a hook solution will do this unless it could reference saved content somewhere.

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  4. If you need to send more emails than what the Admin Notification and User Notification provide then you would have to use the gform_post_submission hook which gives you access to the entire Entry object containing the form data and write your own code to send your own customized emails.

    The hook solution makes this possible because it gives you code level access to the form data and allows you to write your own custom code. So if you want to send additional emails outside the scope of the Admin or User Notifications you can implement your own customization do this using the gform_post_submission hook.

    Documentation for the gform_post_submission hook can be found here:

    Documentation for the Entry object exposed by the gform_post_submission hook can be found here:

    Using the available API hooks and filters you can customize Gravity Forms to do pretty much anything you want.

    We do have plans for more advanced notification capabilities in the future either as part of the core or possibly an advanced add-on, scrapping the concept of Admin and User Notifications and allowing you to setup however many independent email notifications you want.

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  5. foxdigitalmedia

    I am looking for this same featured right now. I pretty much what to do the same thing as listed above.


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