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Quick Feature Questions

  1. I've got a client asking a few questions. I did some searching and could not find answers...

    1. Can we set up a condition based on a date? In other words, if a date field is filled out and it is less than 3 days from now, can other fields or and HTML box come up?

    2. The form would collect multiple email addresses. Right now, we can send autoresponse (User) email to any one of the emails in the form. The "Send to..." field selector shows - as an example - three different email addresses, but they would want to CC other email addresses that may be provided in the form.

    3. I understand that we can add multiple file upload fields, but instead of adding a random number of them, can it be set up to have only one upload field displayed, with an option for the user to "upload another file" so they can upload (whatever number) of files?


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  2. 1) Conditional Logic only works with selection fields: Drop down, radio button and checkboxes. The date field is not a selection field. While it does have a date picker to select the date, this is a UI element. The input itself is just a text input. So no, conditional logic can't currently be based on a date.

    2) If you want to CC or BCC the notification to multiple users you can insert the form field merge codes for the additional input fields into the CC and BCC fields. In order to get the merge code you would use the "Insert form field" drop down to insert htem into the Message body and then copy-n-paste the merge code into the CC or BCC field. The Message body and Subject are the only fields that have the "Insert form field" drop down, but the merge codes do work in all of the notification fields.

    3) This isn't currently supported. You need a File Upload field for each file upload you are going to allow. In the future we plan on enhancing the file upload field to allow multiple files in one field.

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  3. Thank you for the info.

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