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Required Features - Developer License

  1. Hi there. From what I've been reading it seems like your plugin will solve at least most of my issues. Here's the functionality I require for a current project. Would you please verify that GF and plugins available with the Developer License will get the job done for me?

    SUMMARY: I'm setting up a site to register people for a tournament. They will need to pay the entry fee and then be added to the list of entrants and sent an emailed "ticket."

    - Need to accept payment from BOTH PayPal and Can this be done with the same form and two buttons underneath to select payment? Maybe you have to select payment type first and directed to the correct form?

    - Store customer data (not credit card) locally and be able to export it as Excel, or CSV?

    - Add user to email list after they make an or PayPal payment? Mailchimp or Aweber is fine.

    - And now for the tricky one. Assign all purchases with a unique "Entry Number" that is delivered via email after purchase is complete. I doubt this is built in, but maybe a transaction number would work?



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  2. To accept payment for PayPal or you can use one form and use conditional logic to display the fields if you need them. You did not mention if you meant PayPal Payments Pro or standard. But there will be a way to use Gravity Forms to collect payment via one processor or the other, depending on the user's preference.

    All form entry data is stored in the database, and you can export the entries as CSV. You can open the CSV with Excel or equivalent. Credit card information is not stored.

    You can currently accomplish this with Mailchimp, but the Aweber add-on is not integrated with any payment methods. So, they would be added to Aweber no matter what happens with the payment. It's on our list of enhancements for a future release of the Aweber add-on (making sure adding them to the list happens after successful payment, or not, based on your preference).

    Each form submission gets an Entry ID which is unique, and sequential across all forms. If that is not enough, you can generate and attach your own unique ID to each form entry if you like. There is code in the forums to do just that. We can point you to those solutions after purchasing your license.

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  3. Thanks for the thorough response. Looks like this is going to be a great time saver! I'll grab a license as soon as payment for the project clears.


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