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resend notification replaces user meta in form with my user meta as admin

  1. Formmaker

    When I resend notifications as a the wordpress admin to a user, - if there are {user:key} meta specified in the form - it includes the admins meta - not the original user the form was sent to - i see this as a there a way around this i just have not come across - then it is not a bug....:)

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday April 2, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Formmaker

    i/e/ {user:user_login} prefilss the admins user login and not the user's login who originally filled in the form.....- that is not a resend that is an update :)

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  3. That's an interesting situation. I'll bring it up to the development team and see if there is any advice we can offer.

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  4. Formmaker

    I have done a lot of thought on the topic -
    Databases should remain small as possible
    Things that are not necessarily needing to be tracked like gender - (which for the most part rarely changes - can be user Meta - it is not static as it is updated or written over.
    All stuff that is tracked in a form should be a label and if it is to = a user Meta - then it is prefilled using {user:whatever}
    this way you can write to the notification with the labeled variable from in the form and it gives that entry or field a value that t is not affected by subsequent updates in that form even if it came from user meta and user meta changes based on who is logged in or if it is updated.
    this can be to your advantage to leave things as is- so entries remain intact where they need to be, i.e. a notification is prefilled with entries (that are prefilled with meta) and if the form is resent, then the meta for the user can be put into the notification as to who has done the change update or resend...
    At first, I thought why bigger databases for every form have if you are just storing stuff in Meta, but quickly realized static info is necessary, for business and legal reasons...
    you need more fresh eyes customers like me in your office to break this thing apart and use it for what it was not meant for ...and write more in depth manuals that are really well indexed - to save us all the learning curve and push the development of your product into he 10's of millions of users....
    I am already doing things with this form that I cannot believe , yet still getting stumped by simple stuff....I have a form that has about 60 fields and many of those are dependent on multiple conditionals from multiple other fields - I am treating it like its own programming language to facilitate logical decision making......I need more 'man' pages....
    Expectation management gives one liberty - learning what I cannot do only serves to help me overcome what I cannot do in an ironic way...
    I think if anything your development team should create a switch for admins to resend forms with original user info tagged......I thought I found the answer in the forums when I first read but realized after re-reading it that it was only describing using user meta in other forms and not what I was looking for - using other peoples user meta in other forums..........
    If the development team has not slated that as and need - or even an idea -, I want a free coffee to say the least :) cause if the idea was created here, it is only because of coffee....
    I hate to say I probably have put more hours in the recent weeks than most people who work for you using your product, but I keep listing my ideas, and while I don't have the knowledge that some of your people have, I have fresh eyes and different way of looking at me down there for a month so my patentable ideas are a part of my objective working for you... :)
    Anyway, look forward to what to the development team has to say.
    Please please please prioritize well indexed specific tutorials that exasperate the functionality of each aspect of that doesn't require trolling around to feel out other people ideas and mistakes - one that is a foundation of knowledge and anything associated with the chapters is pre approved working and well indexed...
    That’s all for now
    Back to breaking Gravity

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  5. Jason, have you already updated to the 1.5 final release of the user registration add-on? If not, please do that and we will start from there. Please also make sure you're using the latest Gravity Forms (1.6.12) and WordPress (3.5.1). I'm pretty certain you already are: I just need to find out about the User Registration add-on 1.5, which was released yesterday. Thank you.

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday April 2, 2013 | Permalink